Tuesday Trivia: Winning Big

The Cowboys’ 44-7 win over Buffalo was impressive on many levels. The team scored at least 40 points for the first time since 2008, and the Cowboys had their largest margin of victory since beating Arizona 48-7 in an otherwise dreadful 2000 season.

Trivia question #1: The Cowboys had one other game between 2000 and 2011 in which Dallas scored at least 40 points and won the game by more than 30 points. Who was the Cowboys’ opponent, and during which season did this occur.

In their history, the Cowboys have won a total of 19 games in which they have scored at least 40 and outscored their opponent by 30. The Cowboys have managed to do this only seven times since 1980.

This leads us to trivia question #2. The Cowboys accomplished this feat four times in a single season. In fact, Dallas did this three times during a four-week period. During which season did this occur?

  • Timothytrump

    I won’t cheat and look on Pro Footbal Refrence but I beleive it was 1968.  The defeated the Lions and Eagles by more than 40 points and I think had another game with 40+ and a 30 point margin.

  • Anonymous

    Close. Dallas did win those two games by at least 30, but the Cowboys scored 40 in only one other game and did not win by 30.

    The season I’m looking for was a little bit earlier.

  • Jason Neighbors

    I’m thinking 1967 then? I think they pasted Cleveland in the playoffs that year. If not ’67, then it had to be ’66. That actually might have been the season they blasted Cleveland.

    For the first question I have to guess again: Detroit in ’03? Tampa in ’06?

  • Timothytrumptimothytrump

    You are right about 1968.  It was 1966 that in the regular season Dallas met the criterai for Trivia Question # 2. On opening day Dallas defeated the Giants 52-7.  Two weeks later they beat Atlanta 47-14.  Then the following week they defeated the Eagles 56-7.

    The big whoopin you refer to was in the playoffs in 1967.  That was the first year of divisional play. Prior years there was only the NFL championship game for playoffs (except for two other times in which an extra game was played to break a tie for the conference title).

    Have not tried to look up the answers for the other questions. But Pro Football Reference has it!