Another Look Back to the Cowboys-Redskins Game in 1991

There have been many memorable games at Washington over the years, but one of the greatest took place in 1991. Dallas had started the 1991 season at 5-2 but had lost three of four games to fall to 6-5. Their twelfth opponent was Washington, which was 11-0 heading into the game.

Few gave Dallas a chance, but the win turned out to be pivotal as the team make a playoff run and eventually became the dynasty of the 1990s.

Here is a video clip of the 1991 game:

* * *

The 2011 Cowboys have a similar record, but Dallas heads to Washington this year with momentum and a two-game winning streak. Meanwhile, Washington is struggling, having lost five straight after starting the season at 3-1.

Here is a preview of the game from CBS Sports.

* * *

And just to round out the videos, here is one about the Dallas-Washington rivalry.

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