On Paper, This Might Become Romo’s Best Year

The passer rating system in the NFL isn’t perfect, and modern quarterbacks certainly have an advantage over QBs of yesteryear.

On 14 occasions, the Cowboys have had a quarterback attempt at least 100 passes in a season and finish with a QB rating of at least 90. Roger Staubach did this three times during his career. Troy Aikman did it twice, as did Danny White.

Tony Romo has finished with a rating of at least 90 six times. That’s every season he has served as a starter for a full or partial season, including 2010.

At this point, his QB rating of 97.7 is higher than his rating in any other season. He has a completion percentage of 64.7% and has 16 TD passes compared with 7 interceptions. The numbers are just slightly better than his 2009 season, when he finished with a rating of 97.6.

Notably, the only player on the list to finish a season with a QB rating of at least 100 was Staubach, who did so in 1971. It was a very different era, obviously, and he did not throw nearly as often as Romo. Moreover, he only started 10 games that year. Nevertheless, he threw only four interceptions compared with 15 TD passes.

Here is the list:

  • Mr. Mulligan

    The QB rating should be adjusted for era. ┬áMakes Staubach’s numbers even more impressive