Predictor: Cowboys’ Playoff Odds are 63.37%

ESPN ran a post today showing the odds that contending teams have for making the playoffs. The 5-4 Cowboys are certainly in the mix, given that the team only trails the Giants by one game.

According to the ESPN report, which relies on a website known as numberFire, Dallas has a 63.37% chance of making the playoffs. The predictions also indicate that the Giants will have a collapse and miss the playoff altogether.

The summary:

The Cowboys looked truly dominant against Buffalo and find themselves right in the thick of things in the NFC East. Dallas will benefit from a soft schedule the rest of the way, including games against the Redskins, Dolphins, Cardinals and Bucs.

Thus, though the Cowboys are predicted to finish at 9-7, Dallas will win the NFC East and enter the playoffs with the #4 seed. The Cowboys under this scenario would host Chicago in the first round of the playoffs.

  • Jason Neighbors

    I really don’t think 9-7 will be good enough to win the division, nor do I think it will get the Cowboys into the playoffs. Certainly not the #4 seed.

  • Anonymous

    Dallas would only get the #4 seed because of the division title. The site did not give a breakdown of games, but if the Cowboys are going to win the division, they are going to have to beat the Giants at least once if not twice. And if Dallas can do that, given the rest of the schedule, the team would probably end up doing better than 9-7.

  • Jason Neighbors

    That’s true, #4 seed would be the division title anyway, don’t know what I was thinking. But still don’t think 9-7 will cut it for division.

  • Thereilly

    I believe in miracles..Go Boys!!