And the NFC East Is a Race After All

Two weeks ago, the Giants had a 6-2 record after beating the Patriots on the road. Dallas rebounded from a loss to the Eagles during the previous week to beat the Seahawks. Nevertheless, the Giants’ two-game lead seemed to be a pretty wide gap that the Cowboys would struggle to make up.

It’s two weeks later, and the Cowboys are now sitting with the Giants on top of the NFC East. Dallas faces Miami and Arizona before playing the Giants on December 11. The Giants, in turn, face New Orleans and Green Bay. Dallas ends the season against the Giants on the road.

The Eagles’ win was the best-case-scenario for Dallas, but Philadelphia is not out of the race. The Eagles play New England next Sunday but then have games against Miami and Seattle, along with the Jets, who are struggling. The Cowboys face the Eagles on December 24.

  • Jason Neighbors

    It’s still possible¬†for the Eagles if the Giants and Cowboys both melt down. I don’t think it likely though. Either the Cowboys or Giants will emerge to hit 10-6 and win the division, I think.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. 

  • Phantomwriter05

    I have a feeling that the Eagles Game on Christmas will be the deciding game for who wins the east. It might be the cowboys first chance to take the East, and then rest some guys before the playoffs in the Giants game on New Years.

    The team sort of reminds me of the mid eighties cowboys teams.