Will the 2008 Draft Go Down as a Bust as Well?

The last month has not been kind to the 2008 draft class for the Dallas Cowboys.

The team cut Tashard Choice, who was the fourth-round pick that year. Many would like to see Dallas rid itself of Martellus Bennett, who has managed only nine receptions this year and who has not been a big factor in the running game as a blocker.

Felix Jones may have lost his starting job for good to DeMarco Murray. Mike Jenkins has been out as well, and though he’s been missed more than Jones, it is more because the team’s reserve corners have sometimes struggled than because of Jenkins’ play earlier this year.

Orlando Scandrick had an interception vs. Washington on Sunday, but he was also called for holding on a key third-down play late in the game.

The remaining player was linebacker Erik Walden, who has become a starter with the Packers this year.

So this class may not be as bad as the 2009 draft, but it may turn out to be a bust. What do you think?

Was the 2008 draft a bust?

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  • Jason Neighbors

    I’m still saying Jury Still Out. All of those players had a lot to do with the Cowboys ’09 division winning run and playoff victory. Yes, it is kind of pathetic that I should attach so much significance to that. On the other hand, it would be more pathetic x 10 if we didn’t at least have that (it would still be 14 years and counting). So that counts for something.
    Let’s see how the rest of this season plays out. If the guys left step up and contribute to another division win, then I wouldn’t call it a bust.

  • Anonymous

    I think Felix needs to be a change-of-pace/third-down back. He hasn’t shown the durability or the toughness (or least the ability to avoid injury) to be an every down back. The question is whether he would settle back into such a role.

    Jenkins is just too inconsistent. He doesn’t seem very mature to me. Then again, there’s plenty of reason to question my own maturity…

  • Timothytrump

    Guess it depends on what you call a bust.  Got several players that made meaningful contributions and of those some who may continue to do so.  If you review the draft history of Dallas and other teams it might be better labeled as average or “so-so.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking more along the lines of “failed to meet expectations.” These guys have been contributors, but all have failed to take the next step forward. I was glad to see Felix returning kickoffs and hope that the team can find a way to use him effectively. And Jenkins could still become very, very good, but he needs much better consistency. 

  • guest

    Choice….enough said
    Bennett…he just doesn’t  get it – he will be one of those guys who will flourish once Dallas drops him
    Felix.. He is too fragile – can’t make it past the first level when he runs – seems like all you have to do is touch him and he falls..
    Scandrick… I think the coaching for the DBs is horrible – is you watch any of them, Scandrick and Ball in particular – they never look for the ball – they run after who they cover and tackle after the fact.
    Jenkins…Thought he was the second coming of Deion – he should retire 21 and go back to 31 – you need to earn that number son…you haven’t..