Cowboys Continue Success vs. Former Assistant Coaches

A total of 14 former assistant coaches with the Cowboys have later become head coaches, including three current head coaches. Other than Dave Campo, whose only head coaching service was with Dallas, the Cowboys have played against each of these coaches.

The Cowboys total record vs. these coaches: 39-27-1.

The latest former assistant to face the Cowboys was Tony Sparano. Interestingly, the Cowboys have beaten each of these coaches at least once. Five coaches only faced the Cowboys one time, and each of them lost.

Dick Nolan
Dallas Assistant, 1962-1967, 1982-1990
San Francisco Head Coach, 1968-1975
New Orleans Head Coach, 1978-1980

vs. Dallas as head coach: 2-6-1

Note: The Cowboys went 5-2-1 against Nolan’s 49ers team and 1-0 against Nolan’s Saints team.

Raymond Berry
Dallas Assistant, 1968-1969
New England Head Coach, 1984-1989

vs. Dallas as head coach: 0-2

Gene Stallings
Dallas Assistant, 1972-1985
St. Louis/Phoenix Cardinals Head Coach, 1986-1989

vs. Dallas as head coach: 4-4

Mike Ditka
Dallas Assistant, 1973-1981
Chicago Head Coach, 1982-1992
New Orleans Head Coach, 1997-1999

vs. Dallas as head coach: 5-3

Ditka was 3-3 vs. Dallas in Chicago, losing his final game as Bears’ head coach in 1992. Ironically, Ditka won his final game as a head coach by beating the Cowboys in 1999.

Dan Reeves
Dallas Assistant, 1972, 1974-1980
Denver Head Coach, 1981-1992
New York Giants Head Coach, 1993-1996
Atlanta Head Coach, 1997-2003

vs. Dallas as head coach: 5-8

Reeves was 1-1 against Dallas with the Broncos, 2-6 with the Giants, and 2-1 with the Falcons.

John Mackovic
Dallas Assistant, 1981-1982
Kansas City Head Coach, 1983-1986

vs. Dallas as head coach: 0-1

Dave Shula
Dallas Assistant, 1989-1990
Cincinnati Head Coach, 1992-1996

vs. Dallas as head coach: 0-1

Dave Wannstedt
Dallas Assistant, 1989-1992
Chicago Head Coach, 1993-1998
Miami Head Coach, 2000-2004

vs. Dallas as head coach: 3-1

Note: Wannstedt went 2-1 vs. Dallas with Chicago and 1-0 with Miami.

Butch Davis
Dallas Assistant, 1989-1994
Cleveland Head Coach, 2001-2004

vs. Dallas as head coach: 0-1

Dave Campo
Dallas Assistant, 1989-1999, 2008-present
Dallas Head Coach, 2000-2002

Obviously, Campo could not have played against himself as head coach of the Cowboys. Dallas would have found a way to lose at any rate.

Norv Turner
Dallas Assistant, 1991-1993
Washington Head Coach, 1994-2000
Oakland Head Coach, 2004-2005
San Diego Head Coach, 2007-present

vs. Dallas as head coach: 6-9

Note: Turner went 4-9 against Dallas with Washington, 1-0 with Oakland, and 1-0 with San Diego.

Todd Haley
Dallas Assistant, 2004-2006
Kansas City Head Coach, 2009-present

vs. Dallas as head coach: 0-1

Sean Payton
Dallas Assistant, 2003-2005
New Orleans Head Coach, 2006-present

vs. Dallas as head coach: 2-1

Tony Sparano
Dallas Assistant, 2003-2007
Miami Head Coach, 2008-present

vs. Dallas as head coach: 0-1

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