Video: How ‘Bout Them Cowboys

Today’s news: Jason Garrett thinks he made the right moves at the end of yesterday’s loss to the Cardinals.


That’s about all I want to write today. I’ll instead provide a video from a group known as 5th Flow.

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Cowboys Deal Their Own Hand Aces and Eights: Lose to the Cardinals

Aces and Eights is the dead man’s hand. That’s what Dallas dealt themselves on Sunday.

It should come as no surprise that Dallas lost to the Cardinals. Yes they should have won, but something seems to keep Dallas from winning at Arizona and to be honest the Cowboys have not been playing their best football. Dallas won two of the last three by close margins, overtime wins or last minute field goals, and it all caught up to them. That voodoo hex that defeats the Cowboys probably made Garrett call a timeout just before Bailey missed his field goal which would have won Dallas the game.

While I am disappointed as a win could have put the form in the hands of Dallas to get to the post season as the rest of the teams in the NFC East lost, the destiny of the Cowboys is in their own hands. I would really like to write to put this game behind me and the Cowboys but a few things really stand out.

I can’t really say the Defense did their job. While they held the Cards to 19 points, held Fitzgerald to 55 yards, the allowed the Cards over 300 yards of offense and a 52 yard catch and run to finish overtime. It looked to me like the Cardinals played against the Ryan aggressive defense and took advantage of them. Dallas needed turnovers to seal the deal, but they did not get any. Looks like they missed Josh Brent more than they will ever let on.

The offense should take a lot of the blame and specifically the offensive line. They allowed 5 sacks and were only able to muster 75 rushing yards. Some of this could be attributed to a rookie fullback replacing Tony Fiammetta, but the offensive line should have helped some in this regard. However it also comes down to play calling and coaching. Time management at the end of the game was horrible. Tony threw the ball 42 times. Almost every time that happens Dallas loses. Then to not score but 1 touchdown is pretty pathetic.

How many fans will call for Garrett’s head after this game?

Finally the coaching. WOW. For as much as Ryan talks about how great he is, his defense is not. For all the talent the Cowboys have they should be making a greater impact. Maybe this is just the first season with the new scheme that is limiting them, but it’s probably just the coaching. Then we have Jason Garrett. Its gotta hurt to call a timeout to ice your own kicker. That alone will have fans calling for his head.

This late in the season for Dallas to make the mistakes like they did on Sunday its really telling of how they will finish the season. Yes they can still win the NFC East. Yes they still can make the playoffs, but I almost hope they don’t because if they do it could be a total embarrassment. This next game against the Giants will tell us all if the Cowboys can make any type of post season push and I will be there to witness it.

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Jason Garrett’s Costly Time Out

It’s usually the defensive coach who wants to ice the kicker but the Dallas Cowboys coach, Jason Garrett, iced his own kicker.

Dan Bailey had already missed one attempt against the Arizona Cardinals and then would miss a second with only a few ticks on the clock. The attempt would have given the Cowboys a victory over the Cardinals 16-13.

With only a few seconds left and after Tony Romo once again drove the Cowboys down the field to set up the game winning field goal, Jason Garrett called time out right before his kicker took the snap.

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Dallas Cowboys Face December Demons

November is over for the Dallas Cowboys. It’s the month in which the team hosts a game on Thanksgiving Day. It’s the month in which the entire team seems to be on its best behavior. And it’s over. It’s pretty inexplicable, if you ask me. The seasons seemed to run like clockwork during the entire Wade Phillips era; save for the 2007 season, in which the Cowboys tore up the NFC all year-long. Typically, the team plays bad in September, then plays mediocre in October (usually just to break even after a horrible September). Then, November rolls around and the Cowboys absolutely kill it. Then… oh, yes… then December comes, and the cold nature of winter sets in.  Tony Romo is 19-2 in November for his entire career. He also happens to be 9-12 in December. It’s a pretty stark contrast; one that leaves no explanation whatsoever. It’s almost as if it’s all in Romo’s head. Last season was the first since 2004 that saw Dallas finish with a losing record. So, the story goes that this season provides the weakest schedule the Cowboys have had since the 2005 season. Sure enough, they play at Arizona next Sunday, followed by […]

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