Bad Month So Far for Some Ex-Cowboys

The Cowboys rid themselves of some underproductive and overpriced veterans last season. Dallas also let a long-time special teams ace leave via free agency.

Unlike a few other recent events, those decisions have not come back to haunt the Cowboys this year. Here’s a summary:

Roy Williams

Roy drove us crazy during his tenure in Dallas. He would make a play now and then, but in between those plays, he would often drop some very easy passes that came his way.

He hasn’t improved during his time in Chicago this year. Consider this comment.

Williams didn’t rank among the league’s top 20 and, in fact, rookie teammate Dane Sanzenbacher has dropped more, but Williams’ problem beyond drops has been more one of bobbling catches. Some of the incompletions on passes thrown to Williams have resulted from Williams bobbling the ball first, allowing defenders to break up the throw or — in the case of a goal-line pass against Kansas City — come up with an interception.

Inconsistency has been Williams’ biggest problem. He failed to come up with a single catch in six games and hasn’t had more than 62 yards receiving, while scoring just one TD. Yet he continues to get starting time, and a lot of that has to do with his blocking ability.

Against the Chiefs on December 4, Williams had a chance to catch near the goal line. The ball, however, bounced off his hands and wound up in the hands of a Kansas City defender. The Bears lost, 10-3.

Marion Barber

One week later, former Marion Barber was the culprit in a Chicago loss. He had a great game for much of the contest, rushing for 108 yards and a touchdown. However, with time running out in the fourth quarter, Barber ran out of bounds instead of falling to the ground. That stopped the clock and eventually gave Denver enough time to tie the game.

In overtime, Barber looked as if he would run for a touchdown, but a Denver defender stripped the ball. The Broncos turned around and won the game on a field goal.

The Chicago media then criticized Barber for not speaking to reporters until the middle of this week.

Sam Hurd

Many of us thought the Cowboys had made a mistake by not signing Hurd. It turns out, though, that Hurd had a side business while in Dallas, and he continued to run that business after he signed with the Bears this summer.

A transaction related to that business required Hurd to try to buy 5 to 10 kg of cocaine and 1,000 pounds of marijuana. That’s about five times more pot than the amount that sent Nate Newton to prison in 2002.

Charles Haley

Of course, there’s also the matter of Charles Haley, who was accused of slapping a woman on the butt at Cowboys Stadium on Thanksgiving. Yes, that was two weeks after he was inducted into the Cowboys Ring of Honor.

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