Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly from January 4, 1986

Rafael Septien: Primed for Playoffs

A reader named Bruce Lombard earlier this year most generously sent me a stack of copies of the old Dallas Cowboys Official Weekly from the 1985 season and 1986 offseason. Each Wednesday, we will take a look at some interesting tidbits in these issues.

The focus this week is in the issue published on January 4, 1986. Sorry that I’m a day late on this one.

Ask Tex Schramm: Preference of Numbers

In 1982, the Cowboys made a subtle change to the numbers on home jerseys. Between 1974 and 1981, the numbers used a serif font, while beginning in 1982, the numbers did not have the serif font.

One reader preferred the old jerseys and asked Tex to reinstate the old numbers. Tex obliged by running a poll in the January 4 issue.

See the comparison below to see the difference. The jersey on the left is a replica of the jerseys used from 1974 to 1981. The jersey on the right is similar to the ones used starting in 1982.

1985: A “Hazy, Crazy Daze”

The January 4 issue came out during an off week while the Cowboys were preparing for their divisional round matchup with the Rams. The 1985 season began with a thorough beating of the Redskins. However, the team was destroyed by the Bears and Bengals later in the season, and the team did not ensure its trip to the playoffs until the team beat the Giants in week 15.

Dorsett: Still a Premier Running Back

According to a poll run in Sporting News, Tony Dorsett was still considered one of the game’s premier running backs. However, he only finished fifth, following Walter Payton, Roger Craig, Marcus Allen, and James Wilder.

Cowboys Had a Long History of Success in the Divisional Round

The Cowboys had good reason to like their chances in the divisional round of the playoffs. Between 1970 and 1981, the Cowboys appeared in the divisional round 11 times and had a record of 9-2.

The negative? The two losses were to the Rams (1976 and 1979).

Danny White Suffers Through Injuries

QB Danny White suffered through more injuries in 1985 than he had in any other season. Those injuries: (1) a sprained right hand; (2) a fractured rib; (3) a bruised rib; (4) a concussion; (5) a neck sprain; (6) a bruised left shoulder; (7) separated rib cartilage; and (8) a sprained left ankle.

On the Cover: Rafael Septien

Rafael Septien appeared on the cover of the January 4 issue, and at that point, he was largely considered as the team’s best kicker of all-time. This was before his arrest for indecency with a minor, which cost him his career.

In the piece on January 4, Septien said he gave up a career in acting to become an NFL kicker.

  • Bruce Lombard

    Hey, thanks for the shoutout, Matt! Glad you are getting some good use out of those old issues. I’ll be sure to check out your recaps.

  • Thanks again for sending them, Bruce. I’ve drafted these reviews each week since August (here is the link to those posts). I’ve really enjoyed reading those issues.

  • ramiro de la rosa

    i wrote to tex schram about the uniforms, he wrote me back.i have letter he wrote me back.loved those old uniforms from the 70″s.will always be a diehard fan.