Trade Felix Jones for a 5th Rounder?

Recall, please, that when the Cowboys drafted Felix with the 22nd overall pick in 2008, they were taking a player who was not a full-time starter in college.

Apparently, the off-season discussion of whether Jerry Jones should step down as general manager has died down a bit. The fact that the Cowboys could have and should have beaten and eliminated from playoff contention the team that won Super Bowl XLVI probably cements in his mind that he really knows what he’s doing (even with 50 concussions or so).

To remind ourselves of how bad it’s been in terms of personnel decisions, we could just look at the 2009 draft.

Oh, that’s too easy.

Let’s instead again consider the 2008 draft. I’ve already written that it may go down as a bust, but an idea presented on ESPN Dallas makes matters worse.

A piece written by Calvin Watkins features the opinion of former scout Bryan Broaddus. According to the article, the Cowboys should consider trading Felix Jones. Here’s the quote:

The Cowboys should explore whether a fourth-or fifth-round pick is available for the former first-round pick. The team doesn’t trust Jones to become a 20-down back in the NFL.

Recall, please, that when the Cowboys drafted Felix with the 22nd overall pick in 2008, they were taking a player who was not a full-time starter in college. I realize that the team brought him here to complement Marion Barber, but I would think results would be far more important than vague notions of potential by a franchise that traded away its first-round pick the following year.

If you need a reminder, which other running backs were available after Felix Jones in 2008?

Rashard Mendendall (23rd overall by the Steelers)

Chris Johnson (24th overall by the Titans)

Matt Forte (44th overall by the Bears)

Ray Rice (55th overall by the Ravens)

Jamaal Charles (73rd overall by the Chiefs)


Meanwhile, Dallas has a running back who might become trade bait for 5th-round pick.

* * *

By the way– I know, I know, I know. Dallas made up for it by taking DeMarco Murray in 2011. I think Broadus is probably right about the direction the Cowboys should head, but it just illustrates how bad those decisions in 2008 turned out to be.

  • Ewag1

    Why trade Jones.  I like him as a change of pace back, and receiver.  I think it’s pretty clear every team needs two top tier backs.

  • Hedgeman1

    Trade him,you shouldnt have any trouble replacing him for way less money!

  • Morgan Cecil

    TRADE HIM!!!

  • Blake_bearden

    If the theme of the post is that Jerry Jones doesn’t know how to draft, I don’t see how a 5th round draft pick can hold any value.  Can you honestly say that the player taken with that pick will likely contribute more in his career than Felix Jones will contribute next year?

    Look at Felix Jones’s numbers.  On NFP his GBYPA have been outstanding throughout his career.  When he has holes to run through, he gets the job done.  Lamenting that he hasn’t had the production of Chris Johnson (ask him how the sledding gets tougher when the run blocking isn’t there) or Ray Rice doesn’t help anything.  Where he was drafted can’t have any bearing on a decision moving forward.

    Right now, Jones is the second back.  He has proved that he is a quality number two option.  He isn’t likely to ever lead the league in rushing, but then again, neither is that potential 5th round pick.  DeMarco Murray has had plenty of injury issues, I don’t think it would be prudent to go in to the season with only Phillip Tanner in reserve.

  • bigD

    yes yes yes……finally a logically thought out answer to a presentable problem. in this nfl you do need 2 productive rbs. ask minnesota