Cowboys News: Romo and Tiger Fall Short, While Terrell Owens Is Somehow Still Relevant

The news on Saturday night about Tiger Woods was that his late push had put him in position to challenge for the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. He fell far short, shooting a three-over 75 to finish 11 shots behind the winner, Phil Mickelson.

The Cowboys’ angle for this story was that Woods teamed up with amateur golfer and Dallas QB Tony Romo. There was some chatter about Woods and Romo being in the hunt early. However, the two could only manage to finish tied for 17th among the pairs.

One of Romo’s comments was oddly funny to me:

I had no strategy today.

An immediate comeback: that’s what we thought you’d say after the Giants game that ended the season.

No, not fair at all.

* * *

It has to be the offseason. That’s the only explanation for a story about the newest member of the Allen Wranglers, Terrell Owens.

One of his comments about the Cowboys:

I definitely thought that I probably would have retired a Cowboy but that didn’t happen, and you know, things happen in life and you just got to move on.

I just can’ t recall anything negative he did that would cause the Cowboys to move on without him. I’m sure it will come to me with more time.

I do hope for the Wranglers’ sake that Owens can bring a few more people to the games. Take a look at the empty seats in this highlight reel:

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