Dallas Cowboys Quote Trivia, Part 3, February 20

Tom Landry
The three quotes today are from Tom Landry.

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Here is the third installment of quote trivia. Today’s quotes focus on personnel decisions made during Tom Landry’s tenure has head coach.

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The Quote: "Our approach will be one in which we'll be more quicker to change people...more. There won't be a situation as in the past where if a guy is just a nose ahead of the other, he'll play all the time. This year is going to be very competitive."

The Question: Before which season did Tom Landry make this comment?

The Quote:"We will have to look at trades. We have been drafting so high for so many years that it's hard to get the strength in backup players. That was our notable deficit last year."

The Question: Before which season did Tom Landry make this statement?

The Quote: "It's already clear that our offense did not do the job. Our offense even made our defense look worse than it was by not controlling the ball, by keeping our defense under pressure."

The Question: Before which season did Landry make this comment?

And the poll:

  • One-for-three; I guessed on all three and it showed!

  • hahahaha.. this is cute.. should learn more about cowboys!¬†