Dallas Cowboys Quote Trivia, Part 4, February 21

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Here are the three quote trivia questions for today:

The Quote:  "[L]eaving the Navy is something which I do not at the moment plan to do...[but] if I do decided to play professional football, it will be in the NFL." The Question: In what year did Roger Staubach make this statement?

The Quote:  "What a difference a week makes in a man's life. I didn't want to come in there and let my coaches, my teammates and the front office down. ... It's been an unbelievable week." The Question: Who said this?

The Quote: "He's trying to tear down this league, goddammit!" The Question: Who said this about Jerry Jones?

  • Another three-for-three but honestly the only one I was even halfway sure about was the source of the Jones quote.