Dallas Cowboys Quotes, Part 5

Drew Pearson, Hail Mary
Drew Pearson hauls in the Hail Mary.

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“Chances on a play like that are slim and none. You just have to hope and pray you’re successful.”

Drew Pearson after the Hail Mary catch against the Vikings in the 1975 playoffs. He outmaneuvered Minnesota cornerback Nate Wright for the ball on a play that gave Dallas a 17-14 win.

Source: St. Petersburg Times, Dec. 29, 1975

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that. We’re sure going to miss Coach Schramm and his boys.”

An unidentified woman who called the Dallas Morning News after learning that the Texans were moving to Kansas City to become the Chiefs. Several in Dallas confused coach Hank Stram and Cowboys general manager Tex Schramm.

Source: Dallas Morning News, February 10, 1963

“This, on my part, was not a difficult decision at all. It is, though, very disappointing.”

Jerry Jones about having to release quarterback Quincy Carter.

Source: New York Times, August 5, 2004


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