Dallas Cowboys History in Quotes, Part 7

Roger Staubach
One of today’s quotes focuses on Roger Staubach and his Heisman Trophy.

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November 5, 1978

“We haven’t played with enough intensity, and I think it’s because we haven’t had enough concern for our opponents.”

Tex Schramm after the 1978 Cowboys lost to the Miami Dolphins in November 5 to fall to 6-4. At that point, Dallas was considered a long shot to make the Super Bowl.

Source: Sports Illustrated, November 13, 1978

August 19, 1970

“It’s big and the man on it is slanted, so the kids are always riding its or sitting on it.”

Roger Staubach about his Heisman Trophy. Staubach had three girls.

Source: Dallas Morning News, August 19, 1970

October 2, 1996

“The minute he walks out there. We’re going to throw him the ball.”

Barry Switzer about the return of Michael Irvin after Irvin had served a five-game suspension to start the 1996 season.

Source: Austin American-Statesman, October 2, 1996


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