More Quote Trivia: The Dumb Things Jerry Jones Says

This picture makes as much sense as the man himself.

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This series might not catch on, but either way, it won’t take much effort to keep it alive. I’ll just keep providing quotes from Jerry Jones.

Here is the one from today:

“I see the talent level being able to put us in a competitive situation for the Super Bowl. I saw it at the start of that [2010] season and I see it with what we had last year, that there’s a talent level that can compete for a Super Bowl.”

Um, Jerry, wasn’t the 2010 season the one where the team started 1-7? Yeah, I think we all know what happened. I don’t even know how to respond to this.

Anyway, here are a few quotes from previous years, followed by some questions about the quotes:

March 31, 1994

“We had met about a year ago in Oklahoma City and had briefly talked. . . . It was very apparent to me then that this enthusiasm, and that charisma, and that charm, and that drive, was very special.”

Jones about Barry Switzer.

Source: Austin American-Stateman, March 31, 1994

April 26, 1994

“I spoke briefly with Jimmy this morning and he congratulated us on getting Shante. He knew we really needed to get someone with those kinds (pass rushing) of skills.”

Jones about contacting Johnson following the 1994 draft, when the Cowboys traded up to pick Arizona State defensive end Shante Carver.

Source: The Daily Oklahoman, April 26, 1994

February 15, 2000

“With what we’re doing with our offensive philosophy, with the skills of Troy (Aikman), with the offensive line we have, the running backs we have, as well as what we’ll be doing defensively, ( Galloway ) coupled with Rocket Ismail gives us a great opportunity to compete this year.”

Jones after the Cowboys had traded two first-round picks to acquire Joey Galloway.

Source: Houston Chronicle, February 15, 2000

April 23, 2001

“Making Quincy a second-round pick, we knew we’d have the time and patience for him to develop. That’s why it’s so important to get a five-year contract and make a statement to Quincy that he is more than [a middle-round projection] to us.”

Jones after taking Georgia quarterback Quincy Carter in the second round of the 2001 draft, even though others projected Carter as fourth- or fifth-round pick.

Source: Fort Worth Star Telegram, April 23, 2001

Now for the trivia questions:

Barry Switzer won 40 regular-season games as the Cowboys' coach. During which season did Tom Landry win his 40th game?

How many sacks did Shante Carver have with Dallas?

Which veteran did the Cowboys sign to fill in as starter in 2001 while waiting for Carter to get ready?

How many games did Carter start with the Cowboys?

The Cowboys have won how many playoff games since winning Super Bowl XXX?

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