History in Quotes: Cowboys vs. Rams in the Playoffs

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Between the 1973 and 1985 seasons, the Cowboys faced the Rams eight times in the playoffs. The teams split the series at four games a piece.

Here are some quotes related to two of those games.

“I just got pushed back. He didn’t mark it where I caught it…It’s one of those things you have to live with, I guess. You can’t change it now.”

Billy Joe DuPree regarding a reception he made with less than two minutes to play in a 14-12 loss to the Rams in the 1976 playoffs. DuPree caught the on a fourth-and-ten play, but the referees spotted the ball short. Tom Landry said later that there was “no doubt whatsoever” that DuPree had made the first down.

Note: Today (March 7) is DuPree’s birthday.

Source: St. Petersburg Times, December 20, 1976

“There was no way he made it over.”

Lee Roy Jordan regarding a touchdown by Lawrence McCutcheon that put the Rams ahead of the Cowboys 14-10 in the 1976 playoff game. Several Cowboy defenders said that McCutcheon did not cross the goalline. The score came on third down, and had Dallas made the stop, the Rams likely would have kicked a field goal to tie the game.

“That’s the psychology of football. If coaches knew the answer to it, we would be much better off.”

Tony Dorsett’s quote after the Rams game in 1980.

Tom Landry after the Cowboys destroyed the Rams 34-13 in the 1980 playoffs. The Cowboys had only managed 96 rushing yards against the Rams two weeks earlier but gained 338 yards on the ground in the playoff win.

Source: The Telegraph-Herald, December 28, 1980

Did You Know?

The only time the Cowboys ever gained 500 or more yards in total offense in a playoff game was against the Rams in 1980. The team’s total yardage of 528 ranks 11th in NFL playoff history.

Dallas is also one of only six NFL teams since 1940 to have 300 or more rushing yards in a playoff game. Here is the list:

Rk Tm Year Date Opp W# G# Day Result OT Att Yds ? Y/A TD
1 CHI 1940 1940-12-08 @ WAS 12 12 Sun W 73-0 53 381 7.19 7
2 BUF 1995 1995-12-30 MIA 0 17 Sat W 37-22 52 341 6.56 3
3 DAL 1980 1980-12-28 RAM 17 17 Sun W 34-13 46 338 7.35 1
4 ATL 2004 2005-01-15 STL 0 17 Sat W 47-17 40 327 8.18 3
5 SDG 1963 1964-01-05 BOS 15 15 Sun W 51-10 32 318 9.94 4
6 DEN 1997 1997-12-27 JAX 0 17 Sat W 42-17 49 310 6.33 5
Provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com: View Original Table
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  • The past is best served in the future if it brings you what you need, a great running game is the question if we can’t have it because of what happened to Demarco’s injury we need to go and get it…legg’s being broke is a scary thing and the way it was broke scares the hell out of me !

  • And what’s up with all the full backs, we need a tough one…the line is fine on the offencive side we just need a smart enough coach to teach,look at the earlier Pat’s. Defence can alway’s be bigger and faster aslong as they stay strong and consistent.

  • Brookings has not been a player for a couple of years now he needs to be a coach and give up his roaster spot, stay in shape, If he stay’s in shape, he coaches and get’s healthy he could step in if the younger guy’s can’t handle it, which i believe they will kill after a few games, look at all the cowboys we turn out and come back to bit us.


  • dodger71

    I think Brooking is probably gone. He’s lost a bunch of his range, and the Cowboys need to get younger in the middle of the defense.

  • dodger71

    It sounds like the Cowboys will keep Fiammetta. He looked good until that strange ear (or whatever) problem.

  • Rosiemolina1

    Draft what you need on defense!!!

  • coolmama1

    need another pass rusher

  • rosiemolina1

    Hope they draft defense help

  • dodger71

    Putting the franchise tag on Anthony Spencer is not the answer.