When Legendary Dallas Cowboys Quarterbacks Have Moved On

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach announced his retirement in 1980.

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Dallas fans have enjoyed the luxury of having several great franchise quarterbacks. Although the likes of Craig Morton and Gary Hogeboom played elsewhere, most of the Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks have retired after their playing days in Dallas ended.

Thus, Cowboys fans have not had to experience what Colts fans are experiencing with Peyton Manning, at least when it comes to quarterbacks.

Here are quotes regarding the retirements of some legendary Dallas quarterbacks.

“I don’t want to play with the mental attitude I have.”

Don Meredith after walking away from the game in 1969.

Source: The News and Courier (Charleston, South Carolina), July 6, 1969

“I’ve had this feeling. If I continue to have it, I couldn’t go to training camp like I usually do– which is with everything I’ve got.”

Roger Staubach about his diminished emotion to return to football. He announced his retirement in March 1980.

Source: Anchorage Daily News (featuring a story from the Dallas Times Herald), April 1, 1980

“If they don’t like me, it really doesn’t matter. I can’t worry about the others. I made up my mind three months ago that nothing would surprise me.”

Danny White about his retirement, which he announced in 1989. He was referring specifically to the team taking QB Steve Walsh in the supplemental draft.

Source: L.A. Times, July 12, 1989

“Retirement is a viable option, but based on the fact that I’d like to continue to play, that will be down the road. It’s a matter of finding a situation I can be comfortable in and still play the game that I have a desire to play. I’m still capable of playing at a high level and remaining healthy.”

Troy Aikman after the Cowboys released him in March 2001. He announced his retirement about a month later.

Did You Know?

Several news outlets cited sources in January 1968 that Meredith planned to retire then. That was just after the Cowboys had lost to the Green Bay Packers in the Ice Bowl.

  • Macusessandoh23

    For all the haters out there they will cry once Romo is gone…ppl do so much hating that no one enjoys the stellar play we have at the qb position.  remember Ryan Leaf, Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Clint Stoner, Vinny Testevade and not to mention the stiff Drew Bledsoe. Romo has rescued this organization and gives us a chance in every single game we play. So if no one else says it I will “THANK YOU TONY ROMO” for making us relevant again.

  • GM Jerry hater

    romo is just a stat guy!!!! most likley he wont win the the big game ever . its not all his fault gm jerry must accept alot of the blame.He doesn’t know any thing about the o line or QB’s.if you dont have a good oline  how long will it take to get romo hurt again.  that magee doesn’t belong in the nfl. lmao at  jerry jones draft ( magee ),also free agent kyle Horton  remember this guy last year comparing him as the next tom brady i laughed my ass off at that one . jerry if you read this, think about it after the draft is up bring in the walk on’s  that didn’t get drafted or let sombody else GM the team would of been nice to have graham harrell or a chase daniels to add to the roster insted of horton or magee which both have had enough time to show they are  in  no way any better then last year or the  year before that                                                 p.s. bring back jimmy johnson and take about a ten year vacation please! you too steven jones . oh thats right because of you he will never coach again .  we are screwed folks! just stop watching them stop buying cowboy stuff and sooner or later jerry will get out of the way!!!!

  • GM Jerry sucks

    with romo we are still an 8and8 or even worst, with some one else who knows what happens im happy with romo it could be alot worst but it also could be better with another QB!!!     romo  turns the ball over or puts it on the ground to much every game.   so tell me how we can win games win he gives them  away game after game and sometimes two or three times a game . people wake up he’s been this way from his first year to the present and he wont stop puting  the ball on the ground or throwing int’s watch and see when the game is on the line  he chokes every time