How Much Salary Cap Space Will the Dallas Cowboys Have Now?

The NFL has announced a salary cap of $120.6 million for the 2012 season. The news throughout the offseason is that the Cowboys would have space to be players in NFL free agency.

Dallas ate into its cap space last week by putting the franchise tag on the almost achieving linebacker Anthony Spencer, who will make about $8.856 million next year. Although not unexpected, nobody seems to have an argument that supports this move.

News today is that the Cowboys have been penalized for front-loading contracts to take advantage of the uncapped 2010 season.

ESPN is reporting that the Cowboys can free up space by reworking some contracts. There might be enough money to keep Laurent Robinson and sign a new backup quarterback, starting cornerback, and starting guard.

The team does not, however, have enough space to overcome more bone-headed front office moves that have utterly failed to move the team forward.

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Article by Matt Cordon

Blogging impatiently about the Cowboys since 2006. Being a fan since 1977 hasn't required quite as much patience.



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