Team History in Quotes: Drafting Terence Newman and Martellus Bennett

I have posted many polls to this site, and while some of them have had 300 or so responses, none has come close to the poll I ran yesterday about whether Terence Newman underachieved in Dallas.

A total of 689 visitors responded to the poll. Of these, 530 (77%) said “yes” while only 142 (21%) said “no.” Sixteen either did not answer or stated another response.

In 2003, most viewed the Dallas draft as a success. Here are a couple of quotes from the time of the draft.

“A second straight good draft could spell big things for Dallas this season and beyond. No. 5 overall Terence Newman is a future Pro Bowler and third-round pick Jason Witten could get there as well. Second-rounder Al Johnson will be the starter at center while fourth-rounder Bradie James could make a spot for himself in the linebacking corps. “

A review by a writer in Corpus Christi. To their credit, Newman, Witten, and James became starters for a long time. Johnson, however, played for three teams in five seasons and was out of the league after 2008.

Source: Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Tuesday, April 29, 2003

“His burst and catch-up speed does remind me of Deion Sanders. What stood out early is his speed at 10 to 20 yards. Then, you look at how he returns punts, his instincts and skill. “

Jerry Jones about Newman, who returned a total of 38 punts during his career in Dallas.

* * *

Martellus Bennett became a member of the New York Giants on Wednesday.

Another underachiever who is no longer with the Cowboys is tight end Martellus Bennett, who signed with the Giants on Wednesday.  The Cowboys needed to take a receiver in 2008 but instead grabbed Bennett, an athletic tight end from Texas A&M. Dallas had created a need a tight end by trading a former draft pick, Anthony Fasano, to the Dolphins.

Some quotes from and regarding Bennett:

“I think this is a good spot for me. Jason Witten is a proven Pro Bowler. I can learn how to be a Pro Bowler.” 

Bennett, who had a total of 85 receptions with Dallas in four seasons. Witten surpassed 85 receptions in both 2009 and 2010.

Source: Houston Chronicle, April 27, 2008

“He’s going to add a dimension to our offense.”

Wade Phillips about Bennett, who turned out to be a decent blocker.

  • Kenneth Jenkins

    I just wish Jerry’s EGO would get out of the way and let the football people do their jobs so Dallas could get back to winning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jerry is not a good talent scout for football talent. He can scout talent for business BUT……

  • it’s funny that the only time the Cowboys have any talent is when someone else is doing the picking. Jimmie Johnson and Bill Parcells brought in good-great talent. when those 2 weren’t around, the talent level quickly drops off.

  • Krl97a

    Newman was a legitimate multiple Pro Bowler and one of the better CBs in the league for almost a decade.  He was a successful draft pick.