Team History in Quotes: Acquiring Cornerbacks

The Cowboys acquired Deion Sanders by giving him a 7-year, $35 million contract in 1995.

Few big-name cornerbacks in Dallas Cowboys history have arrived either through trades or through free agency. Brandon Carr is among a small handful of corners who have made headlines by signing with Dallas.

Here are quotes focusing on three of the big-name acquisitions at cornerback. No, Ray Horton did not make the list.

“I’m very grateful to Coach Bengtson for giving me the opportunity to play in another Super Bowl game. The way things were gonig I figured I’d wind up with a second division club. But with the Cowboys, I feel we have just as good a chance to go all the way as anyone.”

Herb Adderley after the Green Bay Packers traded him to the Cowboys in September 1970. Adderley had denounced Bengtson and the Packer coaching staff after the 1969 season because he was not selected for the Pro Bowl. He later refused to attend training camp and announced his retirement in August 1970. He joined the Cowboys a month later and remained there for two years. After three seasons in Dallas with two trips to the Super Bowl, he finally retired.

Source: The Robesonian (Lumberton, North carolina), September 2, 1970

“As long as San Francisco ain’t got him, it enhances our chances of matching up better with them. I don’t care if Deion don’t suit up, don’t do nothing. I just want to know they ain’t got him and we do. My biggest deal, I’ve always said, is get ( Sanders) away from San Francisco.”

Guard Nate Newton about Deion Sanders, whom the Cowboys signed in September 1995. Most Cowboys were happy with the signing, even with a deal worth $35 million over 7 years.

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, September 10, 1995

“Just the entire aspect of being a Cowboy, he’s so thrilled about being a Dallas Cowboy. A lot of teams around the league wanted him to be a starter. He feels this team can win, win now and will continue to be committed to winning.”

Jerrold Colton, agent for Anthony Henry, who signed with the Cowboys in March 2005. Dallas signed Henry a month before the draft, meaning that Dallas did not have to use a draft pick to take a corner.

Did You Know?

At the time he signed Deion in 1995, 47% of fans gave Jones an A as a owner, while 30% gave him a B and 14% gave him a C. However, in the same poll, 70% said that Jones had spent too much money to acquire Sanders from the San Francisco 49ers.