Dallas Cowboys History in Quotes: Tom Landry’s Innovations

Tom Landry introduced more innovations than most coaches in NFL history.

An addition to the series on the Dallas Cowboys history in quotes. Here are three quotes about some of Tom Landry’s innovations.

“I would rather call my own plays. I talked to Landry about it in the offseason. But he feels it…is a trend in football.”

Roger Staubach about Landry’s system where he would send plays in from the sideline. At the time, most coaches let their quarterbacks call plays.

Source: Kentucky New Era, January 14, 1976

“Whether anyone else will use the Shotgun in the future, I don’t know, but it’s been a good weapon for us and I enjoy it.”

Landry about the Shotgun, which he installed into the Dallas offense in 1975. Every modern NFL team uses the Shotgun, and most use it much more heavily compared with the Cowboys of the 1970s.

Source: The Day (New London, Conn.), Jan. 7, 1976

“You have to change your blocking structures. That’s one of the Cowboy philosophies. They want to make your change what you do best.”

Pittsburgh coach Chuck Noll about the Flex Defense, which the Steelers had to face in Super Bowl X.

Did You Know?

Noll and the Steelers expected the Cowboys to throw the ball extensively in Super Bowl X because the Dallas running game was so weak. However, Dallas ran the ball 31 times while only attempting 24 passes. Staubach threw three interceptions to go with his two touchdown passes.

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