Dallas Cowboys History in Quotes: Signing Don Meredith and Don Perkins

Dallas Cowboys history
Today’s quotes focus on the signing of Don Meredith (left) and Don Perkins (center).

More Dallas Cowboys history in quotes, with today’s entry focusing on the team’s signing of quarterback Don Meredith of SMU and running back Don Perkins of New Mexico to personal-services contracts before NFL owners had awarded a franchise to Dallas.

“Who does Chicago have as quarterback? I really don’t know anything about professional football.”

Don Meredith, whom the Bears took with a third-round pick in the draft held in December 1959. At the time, the Bears had Ed Brown, Zeke Bratowski, and Rudy Bukich at the quarterback position. Meredith had previously signed a personal services contract with the company owned by Clint Murchison, and Chicago’s George Halas traded Meredith to the Cowboys for a third-round pick in 1962.

Source: Dallas Morning News, Dec. 2, 1959

“All we’ve got is a coach and a pitcher, but that’s a start. Now we’ve got to get some more players.”

Tom Landry about having Meredith under contract at the time the Dallas franchise hired Landry in December 1959. At the time, the Dallas franchise was known as the Rangers.

Source: Dallas Morning News, Dec. 29, 1959

“(Meredith and Don Perkins) will be expensive salesmen if we don’t get in this league now. It will cost us in six figures over-all if we fail to make the grade.

“Incidentally, we have no intention of suing anybody if things go wrong.”

Tex Schramm after the Cowboys had signed Meredith and Don Perkins of New Mexico to personal services contracts before league owners had approved the Dallas franchise. Approval occurred just after Schramm made this statement.

Source: The Windsor Star, Jan. 28, 1960

Did You Know?

Two teams received draft picks in exchange for the Cowboys receiving the rights to Meredith and Perkins. However, neither of those teams benefited from those picks. With the third pick in the 1962 draft, the Bears took an end from USC named Jim Bates, who never played in the NFL. The Baltimore Colts picked up the Cowboys’ ninth-round pick in 1962 and took a Purdue running back named Roy Walker, Jr. Walker likewise never played in the NFL and instead became a high school coach in Ohio.

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