Dallas Cowboys Jersey Numbers: Updates for Nos. 31 through 35

Orlando Scandrick at the Dallas Cowboys traini...

Orlando Scandrick isn't a bad nickel corner, but he is not the best player to wear #32.

Here is the latest update to the greatest Dallas Cowboys by their jersey numbers. This entry focuses on numbers 31 through 35.


Roy Williams had perhaps the most dramatic fall from grace of any star in Cowboys history. He made five consecutive Pro Bowls before losing the ability to cover tight ends. Once his coverage ability was gone, he became a liability. He changed numbers from 31 to 38 in 2008 but only played in three games. He played two years in Cincinnati but was out of football after 2010.

Mike Jenkins wore #31 as a rookie but changed to #21 in 2009.


Walt Garrison was voted the best player to wear #32, and Orlando Scandrick is not going to change that.


Duane Thomas has a place in team history, but nobody who wore #33 was better than Tony Dorsett. Nate Jones wore the number until he left after the 2007 season. Although players have worn it in preseason, nobody has worn it in a regular season game since 2007.


I originally voted for Cornell Green at #34, but Hershel Walker received the most votes. Deon Anderson saw some action as a fullback but had trouble overcoming injuries. Philip Tanner wore the number in 2011 but had less than 100 total rushing yards.


Calvin Hill received 90% of the votes in 2008, and only Tra Battle and Lonyae Miller have worn #35 since than.


The complete list:

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  • Timothytrump

    A case could be made for Amos Marsh as being the best at # 31.  While not being a Pro Bowler in his 4 seasons for Dallas, he was the primary kick returner for two years, was 2nd 4 times as a rusher behind Don Perkins with two really good seasons for the time, and led the league in rushing avg in 1963 (5.6).  Caught some passes too.  Pro Football Ref of course has his career summary. Interestingly, he was one of the many free agent finds Dallas specialized in during the Landry/Brandt era.

  • dodger71

    Marsh had a career day against the Browns in ’62. He rushed for 117 yards and gained another 52 in the air in a 45-21 Dallas win. Hard to rank him over Roy, though.

    Another overlooked player is Benny Barnes. He contributed as much to the team between ’76 and ’79 as other corners did during similar time periods. For instance, I think he was as valuable then as Kevin Smith was between ’92 and ’94. Others will disagree, though.