Dallas Cowboys Jersey Numbers: Updates for Nos. 36 through 40


Bryan McCray has been fine on special teams, but he is not a better #40 than Bill Bates.

Sorry for the delay between posts. This is the latest update to the greatest Dallas Cowboys by their jersey numbers. This entry focuses on numbers 36 through 40.


Vince Albritton is not one of the great names in Cowboys history, but few notable players have worn number 36. He received 45% of the vote in 2008. Since then, three players have worn #36, including Michael HamlinMana Silva, and Andrew Sendejo.


James Washington only played in Dallas for five seasons, but he made his mark. That was especially true in Super Bowl XXVIII, when he did enough to earn MVP honors.

Since 2008, only Bryan McCann has worn #37. Though McCann provided highlight moments in 2010, he did not last long in Dallas.

Rookie safety Matt Johnson is scheduled to wear #37 in 2012.


Roy Williams wore #38 during his final season in Dallas in 2008. Nobody has worn the number since then. The player chosen in 2008 as the greatest was kicker/punter Sam Baker.


Although Lousaka Polite edged Derrick Gainer as the greatest to wear #39. Brandon Carr is schedule to wear the number in 2012, and it will not take long for him to become the greatest.


Bill Bates received 99% of the votes on 2008 as the greatest to wear #40. Danny McCray is not going to strip that title from Bates.


Here is the entire list:

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  • Timothytrump

    Perusing the list was a real memory lane journey.  So many players who were predicted to have great promise but didn’t pan out.  Which made me think of Lynn Scott (#38) who came out of nowhere in his rookie preseason as a special team ace.  There were comparisons to Bill Bates and when he got in at safety, he did ok.  He stuck around for 4-5 seasons and filled in ok at times. But never blossomed as a full-time starter.    I’d have him over Sam Baker, a longtime NFL kicker who got himself out of Dallas by tormenting Tom Landry with his insubordinate attitude.

  • dodger71

    Several of these players were notable during their time, though they’ve been forgotten. Dick Bielski only played two seasons in Dallas, but he made it to a Pro Bowl as a tight end in 1962. His stats– 26 receptions for 377 yards. He lost the #36 “battle” to Vince Albritton, who managed to play eight years in Dallas and even survived the change from Tex and Tom to Jerry and Jimmy.