Dallas Cowboys Jersey Numbers: Updates for Nos. 66 through 70

I keep saying I need to finish this update, but I’ve had another long delay. Here is the update to ## 66-70 in the Greatest Player by Number series.


The last player to wear #66 was Tank Johnson, who left Dallas after the 2008 season.


Joe Berger played for Dallas through 2008. Center Phil Costa has worn #67 since 2010.


Tackle Doug Free might possibly become the greatest player to wear #68. The winner of the 2008 poll was former guard Herb Scott.


Defensive tackle Jimmy Saddler-McQueen wore #69 during a brief stint with Dallas in 2010.


Leonard Davis played for Dallas from 2007 through 2010.


Here is the complete list:

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  • Timothytrump

    Shout outs for George Andrie (#66), Russell Maryland and Pat Donovan (#67), Jim Boeke (#68 and jumped offsides in the 1966 championship game when Dallas was near the goalline), Rayfield Wright and Dale Hellastrae (#70–best OT Dallas ever had and best long snapper ever, respectively).