Dallas Cowboys Jersey Numbers: Updates for Nos. 71 through 75

Cowboys white uniform 1960

The greatest #74 was an easy pick. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below is an update in theĀ Greatest Player by Number series. This focuses on numbers 71 through 75. This gives us a real treat, as we are reminded of the glory days of Phil Pozderac and Danny Noonan. Not to leave out a few others.


Cory Proctor wore #71 from 2007 to 2009. The number then went to Alex Barron, whose holding penalty in the opening game of the 2010 season cost the Cowboys a win over Washington.


Stephen Bowen wore #72 through the 2010 season. He was no Too Tall Jones.


No player has worn #73 in a regular season game since Larry Allen left after the 2005 season.


The only player assured of 100% of the votes was Bob Lilly, who is the only player to ever wear #74. Some players have worn it during preseason, but whoever has it won’t keep it.


Marc Columbo wore #75 during this time in Dallas, which ended in 2010. Derrick Dockery wore it in 2011.

Here is the complete list:

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  • Voter4America

    You’re saying Marc Columbo was the best player to wear #75 for the Cowboys? Are you mad? Jethro Pugh and Tony Casillas both won two Super Bowls with Dallas as part of the Doomsday and Doomsday III defensive lines. Marc Columbo is no better than third on this list.

  • dodger71

    No, that is not what I was saying. This post was an update to a previous piece I wrote in 2008. The original post focusing on the best players to wear #75 is here: http://goo.gl/ZLcWU At that time, Pugh received 78% of the vote, including mine.