Seattle 27, Dallas 7: Not Special at All

The 27-7 loss to Seattle wasn’t Romo’s fault, but he will still bear plenty of weight.

Jerry Jones didn’t have a great weekend. His Arkansas Razorbacks were worse than some Division 1-AA (or whatever they’re called now) schools in a 52-0 loss to Alabama on Saturday.

On Sunday, former Razorback Felix Jones returned the opening kickoff for the Dallas Cowboys against the Seattle Seahawks. He fumbled. Seattle recovered. Seattle kicked a field goal. Seattle didn’t trail again.

There was more fun on special teams. Jones returned the second kickoff 16 yards, and the Cowboys managed to gain five yards. On a punt attempt, Seattle’s Malcolm Smith raced up the left side of the Dallas line and managed to block Chris Jones’ punt. Jeron Johnson recovered the loose ball and scored, giving Seattle a 10-0 win.

I mean lead, not win. My apology.

The Cowboys moved the ball on its next drive only to have Romo throw an interception while trying to throw the ball across the field from his right to his left. Seattle couldn’t capitalize, and the Cowboys were able to move the ball on their next possession as well. Romo hit Miles Austin on a 22-yard touchdown pass to cut the lead to 10-7 with 12:09 left in the second quarter.

Dallas had momentum and managed to hold Seattle to a three-and-out. The game never got closer, though.

The Cowboys punted the ball right back to the Seahawks, who drove for a field goal. Dallas had a chance to drive for another score in the final two minutes. Felix took the Seattle kickoff eight yards deep and decided to run it out.

He made it to the 15.  The Dallas drive stalled at the Seattle 40. Halftime score: 13-7.

Nobody has provided a good reason why Felix is still getting time on the field.

Anyway, former Arkansas Razorback Jimmy Johnson said the Cowboys were going to dominate the second half. I cannot think of any analogy that would express how wrong he was.

The Cowboys had the ball on four drives in the second half, and the team gained 81 yards. Meanwhile, Seattle and its rookie quarterback completely controlled the Dallas defense, which simply could not make stops when it needed to. Seattle had one 90-yard drive followed by an 88-yard drive to put the Cowboys out of their misery.

* * *

After last week, three teams in the NFC East were 1-0, and two of those teams were the Cowboys and Redskins. The third was an Eagles team that barely beat a bad Cleveland team.

At one point today, the Giants trailed Tampa Bay by a score of 27-13. The Eagles trailed Baltimore 23-17 in the fourth quarter.

Of course, the Giants and Eagles have had a bit more success than the Cowboys and Redskins in the past few years. And, of course, both figured out how to win those games.

Meanwhile, the Cowboys went through the motions in Seattle, while the Redskins lost a 21-6 lead to the hapless Rams on their way to a 31-28 loss.

Anyway, I suggested last week that this was definitely a new year. I meant that literally.

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  • Mirvin88

    Come on guys!!! What just happened today?? You guys looked like a bunch of worthless football players with intentions to get critiqued about something that you guys showed that was ridiculous embarrassing. You should all be ashamed of yourselfs knowing you guys have more potential than that of today. From all the fans we keep loving you but come on man we don’t care if we lose but that we lose because we played like shit and with not a passion for football it’s ridiculous. Thx better show improvement for some reason cowboys has always and always will be AMERICA’S TEAM!!!

  • Michael Holmes

    I am a self admitted cynical pessimist. A cowboys fan for 40 years, but a pessimistic and negative one. With That stated and out of the way, I watched the opener against the Giants while complaining about the same ol’ Cowboys, enough talent to overcome stupid penalties or mistakes approximately half the time. Let any of that talent have not only those stupid mistakes, but a bad athletic performance and we get the Seahawks game, no matter what team the Cowboys play. No accountability to the coach since ’93 and nothing has changed. Barry luckily for him had a team that demanded accountability to each other and they managed one more Superbowl, but even then the Jerry was pushing the team into a spiral of mediocrity fueled by confusion on wheter to listen to the “Head Coach” or Jerry.

  • Bruce Lombard

    Nice recap of the game, Matt. I have debated this month whether I should have my NFL Sunday Ticket reinstated (I live in Minnesota). After Sunday’s game, I am glad I didn’t get the Ticket again.

    These first two games perfectly illustrate why it has been a little frustrating to be a Cowboys fan these past six seasons: they look brilliant in a solid victory against the defending Super Bowl champions … only to lose the following week to a TERRIBLE Seawhawks team with a rookie quarterback. I have no idea which Cowboys team we are going to see this season. Hopefully, it will be more of the Week 1 version.

  • dodger71

    I was becoming convinced that this was not going to be a soft team. All I’m hearing this morning from Seattle players is that this Dallas team is soft. Same old crap and same old results.

    I’m going to bring up an issue with Rob Ryan now, given that I’m still ticked off. This is his 9th NFL season as a defensive coordinator. He has yet to make the playoffs as a coordinator. In fact, until 2011, no team he coached won more than five games in a season. The defense yesterday was not bad in the first half but was beaten up in the second half by a team with a patched up offensive line and a rookie quarterback.