Dallas Cowboys Quotes: What’s the Deal with Martellus Bennett?

The year was 2008. The Cowboys had finished the previous season at 13-3 but lost the Giants in the playoffs. Nevertheless, many had the Cowboys pegged as a Super Bowl contender.

The team needed a receiver, though, given that Terry Glenn had played his final game. The other receivers were a 29-year-old Patrick Crayton and a 35-year-old Terrell Owens. Miles Austin wouldn’t break out for another year. Dallas took Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins in the first round and had the 61st overall pick, which was near the end of the second round.

And that was one heck of a second round: Jordy Nelson, Curtis Lofton, Matt Forte, DeSean Jackson, Ray Rice.

Dallas got Texas A&M tight end Martellus Bennett. In 9 games as a rookie, he had 4 TDs. Of course, after 48 games as a Cowboy he still had the same 4 TDs.

Over the first 9 games of the 2011 season, he had 6 receptions for 49 yards. He wasn’t close to scoring a touchdown.

It’s now 2012. Bennett plays for the Giants. After he caught 6 passes for 73 yards against the Panthers tonight, his totals for the season are now 15 receptions for 185 yards with 3 TDs.

So his performance thus far has more than a few people wondering if his failure here was more about the Cowboys failures or more about Bennett finding new life. Some quotes:

Zordon (no relation) on CowboysZone:

 This is getting ridiculous. Lets try to leave all of the off the field stuff out of this. What exactly is it that makes him have 4 touchdowns in 4 years in Dallas and 3 touchdowns in 3 games in New York? What the hell is it?! Is it the culture? Is it Romo vs Eli? Is it the coaches? I’m starting to wonder…my mind is literally blown by this. Please help me out b/c it’s depressing seeing him play like this for the enemy.

oneluv77 at DallasCowboys.com:

 Bennett has the physical tools, he young.. and we got nothing from him. Another wasted pick.

Yeah he’s dropped passes, but the Giant’s still called his number and he’s made key play’s.

It seems like he never played with confidence when he was here.

And a couple of tweets:

No, I’m certainly not asking anyone to agree with Skip.

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  • The Fan

    Romo Allways Looked Fro Wittten.You have To Think About What T.O. Said A Few Years Ago.Bennett Has Talent.Romo Wants To Make Witten A All Pro Every Year.So Now You Are Seeing What I New All A-long.That The Guy Bennett Can Play.He Just Neeed The Ball .

  • krl97a

    For once I agree with Bayless.  Bennett is a flake. A change of scenery often gives players a boost for a while, but unless he’s permanently changed his personality his flakish tendencies will eventually resurface.  He’s already had multiple key drops, and I doubt opposing defenses have been dedicating much game planning to him yet. Let’s see how well he does over the long term once that changes, now that there’s more film on him.

  • dodger71

    I think you’re right. He never acted as if he had to prove himself in Dallas. That’s obviously not the case in New York, so he’s showing his potential. I think the drops will increase, and he’ll end up making some critical mistakes at some point down the road.