A Pathetic INT Drought

We shall not soon forget that Tony Romo threw five interceptions last night. That’s for sure.

Defensive backs for the Chicago Bears picked off four of those passes. This idea—defensive backs intercepting passes thrown by the quarterback— presents a concept about which the Cowboys are unfamiliar.

Dallas has had one interception this year, and that was by Sean Lee. Thus, we already know that neither of the former first-round picks nor the $50 million shut-down corner has had a pick this year.

Anyone want to take a guess about the last time a Dallas defensive back recorded an interception?

The last time the Cowboys forced an interception in 2011 was against the Giants on December 11. Who recorded the pick?

Sean Lee.

The Cowboys went 1-4 to finish the 2011 season, and Lee’s interception against the Giants was the only one during those five games. Moreover, the Cowboys did not have an interception on Thanksgiving Day against Miami, either.

The answer to my question above is Orlando Scandrick, who intercepted a Rex Grossman pass on November 20, 2011.

Thus, in the past ten games, the Cowboys have managed two interceptions, and both were by Sean Lee.

The Cowboys did manage three picks against the Bills in week 10 last year. Terence Newman made two of those picks, while Frank Walker made the other. Of course, neither is still playing for Dallas.

Mike Jenkins had five interceptions in 2009. Since then, he has had a total of two. Brandon Carr has had a total of eight career interceptions, all while playing for Kansas City. Of course, Morris Claiborne is still waiting for his first career interception.

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