Animated Trivia: Emmitt Smith

Here is another animated GIF, with this one featuring Emmitt Smith. Trivia questions are below the image.


(1) During which season did this play occur?

(2) Smith scored two touchdowns during an 18-second span. However, he missed the entire second half because of an injury suffered on this play. What was the injury?

(3) Troy Aikman was also removed from this game because of a concussion. Who replaced Aikman at QB, and how did the backup perform?

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Article by Matt Cordon

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  • krl97a

    99 season. Smith looked unstoppable for the first quarter and a half, torching the Vikings with huge gains, and it looked like he might break the NFL single game rushing record. It sucks that he broke his hand (on his NEXT to last TD, lol) and wasn’t allowed to finish.

    I’d have to guess about the QB question, but I think Jason Garrett was still on the team then.



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