Animated Trivia: Bob Lilly Tackle vs. Cleveland Browns

We’ve been recovering from a flooded house, so no trivia during the past couple of weeks. Sorry.

Here is a play showing Bob Lilly tackling a Cleveland Browns running back. Trivia questions follow the image.


(1) During what year did this play occur?

(2) What was the significance of this game?

(3) Cleveland quarterback Bill Nelson threw three interceptions in the game. Charlie Waters picked off one of those passes. Who recorded the other two interceptions?

  • Tim Truemper

    1970? Dallas won 6 to 2. Dallas had to win to stay in the playoff hunt. Mel Renfro had the other two picks.

  • dodger71

    Two out of three, Tim. Dave Edwards had the two picks. He only had 13 interceptions in his entire 13-year career.

  • dodger71

    This was the last meaningful game between the Cowboys and Browns, by the way. They played 17 times between 1960 and 1970. They have played 10 times since then, but none of those games has been worth remembering.