Animated Trivia: Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams

Continuing my summer of fun with animated GIFs…

Here is an animation showing Randy White tackling a member of the Los Angeles Rams. Questions appear below the image.


(1) During which season did this game take place?

(2) The Cowboys and Rams had quite a history in playoff games during the 1970s and 1980s. What was significant about this game?

(3) For fans of the L.A. Rams: Who was the quarterback in this animation, and what happened to him after this season?

(4) What did Tony Dorsett accomplish in this game?

  • Tim Truemper

    Well Its probably the 1979 playoff game that Dallas lost 21-19. I see John Dutton on the field so that was my clue. Rams went to SB and this was Roger Staubach’s last game as a Cowboy. Vince Ferragamo was the Rams QB as he took over for Pat Haden during the season. Rams were only 9-7 during the season.

  • dodger71

    I was eight years old in 1979, and I still remember that loss to the Rams very well.

    However, this GIF shows the wildcard-round win over the Rams in 1980. The most definite reason we know this is that Charlie Waters appears in the last several frames. He missed the entire 1979 season but played in the 1980 playoffs.