Remembering the Romo-Bledsoe Debate

I launched this blog in 2006, which was the year when Drew Bledsoe started six games before losing his job to Tony Romo. Bledsoe had led Dallas to a 9-7 record in 2005, barely missing the playoffs.

By game 6 of the season, Dallas was 3-2. The Cowboys dominated the Houston Texans in week 5, and Romo saw his first action. He completed a pass to Sam Hurd, followed by a touchdown pass to Terrell Owens.

The highlights:

Fans, of course, wanted to see more. Bledsoe was a decent quarterback when he had protection. The Dallas offensive line in 2006, though, was not well known for providing protection, so Bledsoe often looked like a statue.

For the record, I did not think Parcells should have started Romo. And how wrong I was.

Here was a comment I made in October 2006:

I think Parcells takes a huge risk by putting Romo in right now. Remember the debate regarding Quincy Carter and Chad Hutchinson in 2002? Carter wasn’t a great choice at quarterback by any means, but the team started 3-4 with him that year. Enter Hutchinson and the Cowboys finish 2-7. Not all of it was Hutchinson’s fault, but I have always thought that the move was premature and put Dallas in a worse position to win.

With Bledsoe, Dallas is 11-9. Does Dallas win more than 55% of its games with Romo at quarterback? Maybe, but odds are probably against it. Do we know how Romo would handle the blitz against the Eagles? We would like to think so, perhaps, but that is based largely on watching him play preseason games where defenses are not going full speed for 60 minutes. I think that keeping Bledsoe in there is the smart move, even if the Dallas offense may lapse again and again because of Bledsoe’s various habits.

When the Cowboys fell behind at halftime on a Monday night game against the Giants, Bledsoe left the game and never played another down in the NFL. Romo did not have a great game, but he provided a spark.

Tony Romo during his first NFL start vs. the Carolina Panthers in 2006.

Romo started against the Panthers on October 29, 2006, and he led the Cowboys to a 6-4 mark for the remainder of the year.

(For purposes of this article, I will only mentioned a failed field goal attempt parenthetically.)

It appears that 11 years later, Romo’s career has ended.

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