When the Cowboys Used to Visit St. Louis

I became a fan of the Dallas Cowboys in 1977 when I was six years old and living in the St. Louis area. Following the St. Louis Cardinals then was a bit much for a six-year-old to handle, so I decided not to handle it.

I recall the games where Dallas visited St. Louis pretty well. They were often close, and the Cardinals usually made the Cowboys wear their blue jerseys, which I hated. My dad was never able to afford tickets to take me to a game, but that was probably a good thing. I do not know if I could have taken the Cowboys losing at St. Louis.

Several videos have been uploaded to YouTube showing the games (either highlights or the entire game) from 1977 to 1980. Most of these games were even closer than I remember.

1977 (highlights available here): This game featured a 77-yard touchdown run by rookie Tony Dorsett, but Dallas trailed 24-16 heading into the fourth quarter. However, a Dorsett run followed by a touchdown pass from Roger Staubach to Golden Richard sealed the win for the Cowboys.

1978 (full game): The Cardinals took this game into overtime, but Dallas pulled it out thanks to a Rafael Septien field goal.

1979 (highlights): The Cowboys could not shut down O.J. Anderson, who rushed for 193 yards. Dallas was also without Dorsett, who had injured his foot in a strange accident. However, Robert Newhouse managed to gain 108 rushing yards, and a Rafael Septien field goal gave Dallas the 22-21 win.

1980 (see below): I remember the 1980 game more clearly. I think it was the first game I watched where Roger Staubach served as a color commentator. He was not good. Thankfully, though, new Dallas QB Danny White was good, throwing for a touchdown pass to Tony Hill with less than two minutes remaining to give Dallas a 27-24 win.

Here is the full video:

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