Know Your 1992 Dallas Cowboys: How Did History Remember the ’92 Draft?

This post is part of the 1992 Season in Review series, marking the 25th anniversary of the Cowboys’ Super Bowl championship season.

Dallas had two picks in the first round of the 1992 draft.

Not much news about the Cowboys on May 10, 1992.

Here’s a question posed by Fort Worth Star Telegram writer Mike Fisher:

Will history remember the Dallas Cowboys’ 1992 draft list as being anything more than really, really long?

If so – if the Cowboys’ 15-man menagerie of Carson-Newman newcomers and Livingstone College candidates and Pomona-Pitzer prospects – it could be instructive for other National Football League teams. Because the Cowboys will have demonstrated that when it comes to drafting, it matters not only what you know, but who you know.

Answer: Not bad.

The Carson-Newman draft pick was Clayton Holmes, who lasted four seasons through 1995. The Pomona-Pitzer pick was a defensive back named Nate Kirtman, who never played a down in the NFL. Livingstone College’s John Terry, a guard, also never played a down in the league.

Dallas had four picks in the first round, and those four picks produced cornerback Kevin Smith, linebacker Robert Jones, receiver Jimmy Smith, and safety Darren Woodson. That’s three starters, and Woodson became a legend.

Smith also became a legend, only it was with the Jacksonville Jaguars.


One of Fisher’s predictions:

A prediction: Dallas’ use of the no-huddle offense will, by September, have blossomed into something more than an experiment. . . .

A don’t recall the Cowboys using the no-huddle offense much at all in 1992.


Other news from the NFC East: Randall Cunningham looked healthy after missing most of the 1991 season with an injury. He was the league MVP in 1990, but Philadelphia fell to 10-6 and missed the playoffs in 1991.

  • nickdrumsalot

    Kevin Smith might of been the 2nd best CB in the league until his back injury

  • dodger71

    Very true. I thought Smith and Sanders were going to be the next Lester Hayes/Mike Haynes, but Smith was just never the same after he came back in 1996 and thereafter.