Know Your 1992 Dallas Cowboys: So Long, Bob Ackles

This post is part of the 1992 Season in Review series, marking the 25th anniversary of the Cowboys’ Super Bowl championship season.


Bob Ackles held the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup in 1985. He did not stay in Dallas long enough to hold the Lombardi Trophy.

News about the Cowboys twenty-five years ago focused heavily on scouting.

First, the Cowboys went after Larry Lacewell to become the head of player personnel.

Six hours after Lacewell officially joined the Cowboys, Jerry Jones fired director of player personnel Bob Ackles.

Ackles joined the Cowboys in 1986, so he was there during the worst of times. He was director player personnel when the franchise’s hopes rested on players such as Hershel Walker, Steve Pelleur, Danny Noonan, and so forth.

But he was also there when the Cowboys drafted the core of what became the dynasty of the 1990s. Ackles was partially responsible for contract negotiations, scouting, and talent acquisition.

Of course, almost nobody remembers him for playing a role in building the core of the team that would win the Super Bowl in eight months.

Ackles later became a member of the Canadian Hall of Fame in honor of his contributions to the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League. After his firing by Jones, Ackles returned to the Lions and remained here until his death in 2008.


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