KYDC ’92: Jerry and Stephen Jones Take on More Personnel Responsibilities

This post is part of the 1992 Season in Review series, marking the 25th anniversary of the Cowboys’ Super Bowl championship season.

Jerry Jones, right, added to his personnel responsibilities in 1992 after firing Bob Ackles and making other moves in the scouting department.

Ever wonder why Stephen Jones is so involved with player contracts?

Well, I didn’t, but I know now.

After the Cowboys fired Bob Ackles, the person who assumed the main responsibility for handling player contracts was Jerry Jones’s son. At the time, Stephen was 27 years old.

Of course, Jerry had the final say in all contract matters, so perhaps it just made sense that his son would handle the contracts. Apparently, Ackles had basically been a “mouthpiece” for Jerry.

According to Stephen:

The only major change is who will be doing the speaking for (Jerry)

At the time of this news, Dallas still had twelve veterans who were unsigned. These players included Michael Irvin, Bill Bates, Ray Horton, Jim Jeffcoat, Ken Norton, Jay Novacek, Mark Stepnoski, Tony Tolbert and James Washington. In other words, some big names.

Fortunately, the league was a year away from full-blow free agency, so the Cowboys were not in immediate danger of losing any of these stars.

So the shakeup in scouting and personnel was a big deal 25 years ago today, but it’s hard to tell whether it really mattered. Jimmy Johnson and his assistants were heavily involved in the scouting process, and Jerry had the final word on contracts anyway.

How Jerry and Stephen handled the salary cap a few years later became a big concern, and the team’s scouting after Johnson’s departure was usually poor.

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