KYDC ’92: What Tecmo Super Bowl Got So Wrong

This post is part of the 1992 Season in Review series, marking the 25th anniversary of the Cowboys’ Super Bowl championship season.

Alexander Wright was S L O W in Tecmo Super Bowl but a bit faster in real life. “RS” stands for “running speed,” while “MS” stands for “maximum speed.”

The Dallas defense of the early 1990s was built on speed, but the offense really wasn’t. As great as they were, neither Michael Irvin nor Emmitt Smith were about to win the NFL’s fastest man competition.

But did you know that the Cowboys had the NFL’s fastest man? Yep, on June 7, 1992, the Dallas papers reported that Dallas receiver Alexander Wright had defeated Phoenix wide receiver Randal Hill in a 60-yard dash to win the title as the fastest man in the league. Wright’s time was 6.14. He had previously defeated Dwight Stone of the Steelers and James Williams of the Bills.

The top seed in the competition was former Olympian Willie Gault of the Raiders, but he had been upset by Stone in the semifinals.

Wright was a second-round pick in 1990 out of Auburn. During his first two seasons, he caught 21 passes but had not yet caught a touchdown. His longest reception up to that point was a 53-yard catch against Cincinnati in 1991.

He also made the cut as the third receiver for the Cowboys in Tecmo Super Bowl, which used the team’s 1990 roster. The digital version of Wright was not good. In fact, only one player on the entire roster was slower than Wright, and that was guard Kevin Gogan. The digital player who were faster than Wright? Among others, center Mark Stepnoski, guard Crawford Ker, guard John Gesek, and defensive end Daniel Stubbs.

A player equally as fast as Wright? Try Nate Newton.

(This should go without saying, but I am kidding about Tecmo Super Bowl’s ratings, which are not supposed to simulate anything. But while we’re on the subject, Stone had a running speed rating of 31, which was slower than running back Merril Hoge, who was never known for speed in real life. Meanwhile, Gault had a running speed rating of 44 and a maximum speed rating of 63. Those are respectable but could not compare with Bo Jackson’s god-like abilities, and both were on the same team!)


Winning the competition proved to be the highlight of Wright’s 1992 season in Dallas. In three games in 1992, he failed to make a catch, and the Cowboys traded him to the Raiders for a conditional pick in the 1993 draft.

Wright wound up as a starter with the Raiders but never caught more than 27 passes in a single season. He might have been best known for one of Chris Berman’s longest nicknames—Alexander “If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be” Wright.

Dallas used the pick from the Raiders to take guard Ron Stone, who would probably be just as fast in Tecmo Super Bowl terms.

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