Dallas 28, Kansas City 17: Winning Despite Themselves

The worst prevent defense in the history of football.

The Dallas Cowboys returned home for the first time since October 8 to host the Kansas City Chiefs. This Dallas team is the one that blew a 17-6 lead at home against the Rams and a 21-6 lead at home against the Packers, so the return to AT&T Stadium would hardly guarantee that the team’s positive charge during the last two road games would continue.

The Cowboys did what they have done in most games this season and took a first-half lead. In fact, thanks to an 80-yard drive with less than two minutes remaining in the first half, Dallas had a 14-3 lead with only 13 seconds remaining in the half.

What could go wrong?

Well, how about a personal foul on Byron Jones on the kickoff return? That shouldn’t have been so bad, given that the Chiefs were nowhere near field goal range, even after a completion on first down.

So with two seconds left and the Chiefs sitting on their own 44, the Cowboys only needed to defend a Hail Mary.

Or a much shorter pass in the middle of the field to Tyreek Hill. Okay, so the Cowboys just have to tackle Hill, right?

Well, no, the Cowboys barely touched him, despite the fact that six Cowboys had lined up inside the 10-yard line.

How does this happen? Seriously?

Kansas City had first possession in the second half and scored again, taking a 17-14 lead. It certainly looked like the Rams game or the Packers game once again.

Somehow, though, the Cowboys started looking more like the 2016 version.

The offense scored touchdowns on the next two drives, which consisted of 12 and 13 plays respectively. Zeke Elliott ran well again, and Dak Prescott was efficient.

The defense also shut down the powerful Kansas City attack. After the Chiefs took the 17-14 lead, Kansas City ran only 19 more plays and never scored again.

Elliott’s status is going to remain up in the air, and it appeared that both Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams suffered leg injuries. However, the latest news is that both receivers should be fine.

The 5-3 Cowboys travel to Atlanta to face the Falcons next Sunday.