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Dallas Cowboys News: Orlando Scandrick Lost for the Season

The 2008 NFL Draft did not turn out to be kind to the Dallas Cowboys.

First-round picks Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins never made the impacts expected of them.

Tight end Martellus Bennett has accomplished more in New York and Chicago than he did in Dallas.

Tashard Choice showed a bit of potential but then faded out.

Erik Walden became a starter– with two different teams several years after the Cowboys cut him.

Among the team’s picks, only Orlando Scandrick remains. He does not have awe-inspiring numbers (7 career interceptions), but nearly everyone agrees that Scandrick has been one of the most consistent defenders on the team since 2008.

He suffered a season-ending injury during practice on Tuesday. The Cowboys will now rely on Morris Claiborne to overcome his own injury and prove that he has value to the team.

Below are the Scandrick stories.Also check out this sponsored

Preseason Week #2: Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Dallas Cowboys face the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on Sunday, August 23.

Both teams enter the game with 0-1 records. Dallas fell to San Diego in the Cowboys’ first preseason game, while the 49ers lost to the Houston Texans last Saturday.

My live blog is below.

Dallas Cowboys News: Preseason Game #2

The Dallas Cowboys will face the San Francisco 49ers at 7 p.m. (central) on Sunday night.

Below are a few stories from the past week.

Dallas Cowboys News: Preparing for 49ers

The Cowboys will face the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday evening at Levi’s Stadium. Below are some top stories

Neitehr Colin Kaepernick, left, nor Tony Romo is expected to see much action next Sunday.

Neitehr Colin Kaepernick, left, nor Tony Romo is expected to see much action next Sunday.

Who Should Back Up Tony Romo?

Backup QB Brandon Weeden.

Backup QB Brandon Weeden.

Brandon Weeden was so bad last November when he replaced Tony Romo against Washington that Weeden made my list of worst performance by a backup in team history.

He started against San Diego last night in the first preseason game of 2015. Although he completed 4 of 5 passes for 42 yards, he also lost the handle on a snap, and the fumble cost the Cowboys 35 yards (!) on 4th down (!).

Third-stringer Dustin Vaughan

Third-stringer Dustin Vaughan

Some grumblings on Facebook this morning suggest that Dustin Vaughan might be a better backup. Vaughan completed 12 of 18 passes for 106 yards last night and showed some ability to avoid the rush.

Not sure I have strong feelings about this. Here’s a poll for anyone else who does:

Who should be Tony Romo's backup?

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Preseason, Week 1: Dallas Cowboys vs. San Diego Chargers

The Dallas Cowboys face the San Diego Chargers in the first preseason game of the year for both squads. Dallas is without Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and Jason Witten.

Live Blog

Dallas Cowboys Stories for August 9, 2015

Dallas Cowboys Stories for August 2, 2015

Dallas Cowboys: Potential Career Milestones

As training camp for the Dallas Cowboys begins, here are a few potential career milestones. (And yes, we are stretching a few of these.)

Wins as a Starter: Tony Romo

By leading the Cowboys to at least 11 wins in 2015, Tony Romo will surpass Roger Staubach in regular-season wins as a starter. Romo’s record is now 75-48, while Staubach’s was 85-29.

Staubach also led Dallas to 11 playoff wins and 2 Super Bowl titles. Romo’s playoff record is 2-4.

Career Touchdown Receptions: Jason Witten and Dez Bryant

Jason Witten has 57 career touchdowns, just eight shy of Michael Irvin’s mark of 65. It’s more likely that Dez Bryant will catch Irvin, though, as Bryant enters this season with 56 career TDs.

Bob Hayes holds the franchise record with 71 TDs.

Career Rushing Marks (Pitiful)

We all know that the Cowboys lost DeMarco Murray and his 4,526 career rushing yards. He left ranked sixth in team history in career rushing yards.

That leaves Tony Romo as the current franchise leader in rushing yards with 607. Romo ranks 30th in team history, just 31 yards behind Charley Young.

Among quarterbacks, Romo probably won’t catch Roger Staubach in career rushing yards. Staubach¬†rushed for 2,264 yards, best in team history among quarterbacks and 12th among all players.

Joseph Randle is exactly 100 yards behind Romo with 507 career rushing yards.

Meanwhile, Darren McFadden had 4,247 career rushing yards with Oakland. He surpassed 1,000 yards only once (in 2010).

Field Goals: Dan Bailey

Dan Bailey has the highest career field-goal percentage with 89.8%. Chris Boniol connected on 87.1% in three seasons with Dallas.

At his current pace, Bailey will eventually surpass Rafael Septien in career field goals made, but not in 2015. Septien had 162, while Bailey has 114.


Punting: Chris Jones

Chris Jones’s average punt traveled 45.4 yards in 2014, and his career average is 45.0. Mat McBriar holds the franchise mark for best career average, with 45.3 yards per punt.

Tackles: Orlando Scandrick 

Orlando Scandrick has 282 career tackles and ranks 17th on the franchise’s all-time list. Players just ahead of him on that list include Robert Jones (283), Jack Del Rio (292), and Kevin Smith (334). ¬†Scandrick has averaged just over 40 tackles per year since 2008.

Animated Trivia: Dez Bryant

We all know that Dez Bryant displays his emotions. Now that he has signed a five-year, $70 million contract, we also know he is not just doing anything for a payday.

So in honor of Dez’s new contract, here is an animated GIF featuring Dez and his emotions.

The trivia questions:

(1) During which season did this take place?

(2) Against which team was Dallas playing when this happened?

(3) Who won that game?