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Need Receivers to Step Up, But At Least Romo’s Head Isn’t Swelling

This is not the best time of year for Cowboys news, given than once a story breaks (TERRELL OWENS RECEIVES ROSTER BONUS! HERE! AND HERE! AND HERE!), every blogger and his sister runs a post on it. But here is a good faith effort to get caught up. First, in addition to the aforementioned (via […]

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Trivia: Super Bowl V

Trying out some software to create a quiz. Below are ten questions related to Super Bowl V: Make your own Quiz! Tweet

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Video: Oh, So Those are Cheerleaders?

There are all sorts of videos showing Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, of course, but this one somehow caught my attention. The title of the video is “Sexy Back…” If you can see a sexy back among this group of cheerleaders, your imagination is much better than mine: For those expecting some form of legitimate entertainment, give […]

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Trivia: When Dallas Couldn’t Win the Big One

The questions below relate to the playoff appearances of the Cowboys during the 1960s. (1) Who blocked Don Chandler’s extra point try with 5:20 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Packers leading 34-20 in the 1966 title game? (2) Which member of the Packers intercepted Don Meredith’s desperation pass at the end of the […]

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What Is This Google PageRank Nonsense, Anyway?

I thought it was some kind a achievement that according to SiteMeter the total number of page views of this site reached 100,000 today. I guess I should also be pleased that this site now has a Google PageRank of 4, which apparently isn’t too bad. Shortly after discovering all of this, though, I saw […]

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Sign the Petition for Landry Stadium!

A poster on the Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone has pointed out a new online petition urging the Cowboys to name their new stadium after Tom Landry. Here is the text of the letter: To: Mr. Jerry Jones We the undersigned hereby request that in honor of the first coach in Dallas Cowboys history, the name […]

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Organized Team Activities=Practice

The local CBS station in Dallas ran a story tonight about the “organized team activities” of the Cowboys this off-season. One interesting part of the piece was about the difference between Bill Parcells and Wade Phillips in their approaches to these OTAs. Under Parcells, the team reportedly focused more on weight lifting and the like. […]

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Fan Video: Game Winning FG vs. Giants

I ran across a couple of fan videos on My Space today. The first is a fan-made video showing Martin Gramatica’s game-winning field goal against the New York Giants on December 3, 2006. Dallas Winning Field Goal! Add to My Profile | More Videos Here is a second one with a collage of pictures: dallas […]

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Staubach Video: “Big Thrill”

I was not able to embed this video, but here is the link to a video clip of Roger Staubach commenting on Arlington’s selection as the host of Super Bowl in 2011. Tweet

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Superstition Post: No. 12 Gets the Super Bowl to Dallas in the Wrong Year!

We received reports today that Super Bowl XLV will be played at the new Cowboys stadium following the 2010 season. And we can thank our hero Roger Staubach [and, er, Jerry] for making the winning bid. Although no team has ever played a Super Bowl in its home stadium (save perhaps the San Francisco 49ers […]

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