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Video: Defensive Highlights from 2006

I found this video clip showing highlights of the Cowboys’ defense in 2006. It was made by the guys at Cowboys Vids. Excellent stuff. Tweet

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Video: Tour of the Cowboys Training Facility

Here’s a video clip showing a tour of the Dallas Cowboys training facility, featuring a cheerleader named Brooke Sorenson. Tweet

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Historic Draft: 1969

Grade: D This is grade deflation at its finest. But since I gave the 1967 draft— the one that produced a Hall-of-Famer in Rayfield Wright– a C-, I have to adjust the 1969 draft a step downward. The highlight of the 1969 draft was the selection of Calvin Hill from Yale. The Cowboys had just […]

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Dear Tony: Women Weaken Legs!

Thanks to the Blue and Silver, I saw pictures of Tony Romo with Carrie Underwood. Here is one of them: So somewhere after “Damn, she’s fine,” we as Cowboys fans also have to remember Mickey’s instruction to Rocky: “Women weaken legs!” And Adrian most certainly looked nothing like Carrie Underwood. This spells trouble. Tweet

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Ah Ha! So THAT Is Who We Drafted at Receiver!

It is not very surprising, but Dallas plans to use fourth-round pick Isaiah Stanback as a receiver rather than a quarterback. The Blue and Silver has a thread about him, and the general sentiment there is that Dallas still should have tried to jump up and take Meachum or Jarrett. This is from the Fort […]

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7th Round, Last Pick: CB Alan Ball

Dallas certainly went for pairs this year. Anthony Spencer to pair up with DeMarcus Ware. A pair of offensive tackles. A kicker to pair up with Martin Gramatica. And in the seventh round: a pair of corners, now that the Cowboys have taken Illinois corner Alan Ball. [And for the totally off-topic– Here’s a trivia […]

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7th Round: CB Courtney Brown (Maybe a Steal Here?)

The Cowboys first seventh-round pick may be worth watching. Dallas took Cal.-Poly. cornerback Courtney Brown, who has been rising on several of the mock draft boards. This is from Peter Scrager: Not to be confused with the former Cleveland top overall pick with the same name, Brown is a cornerback with blazing speed. Though he […]

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6th Round, Part Dud: FB Deon Anderson

The choice of a kicker earlier in the sixth round makes some sense, given that I’m not sure how many people are completely sold on Martin Gramatica. But I’m not sure I understand this one at all– Dallas used its other sixth round pick on Connecticut fullback Deon Anderson. This comes shortly after Dallas resigned […]

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6th Round: Still No WR, but We’ve Got a Kicker!

The Cowboys used their first sixth-round pick to take kicker Nick Folk of Arizona. I know that he won’t wear #12 with the Cowboys, but otherwise, I’m not familiar with him. UPDATE: Michael David Smith from footballoutsiders.com says that he thinks Folk was a quality pick and will take over the kicking duties next year. […]

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4th Round, Part 2: World B… er… OT Doug Free

Wrong sport. Sorry. Dallas used its second fourth-round pick to take tackle Doug Free of Northern Illinois, which has set up something of a shrine page for him here. This could turn out to be a steal: first- or second-round talent who was injured at the beginning of his senior season. He apparently stood out […]

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