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No More Tuna Bashing

As of about two hours ago, it is no longer proper to criticize Bill Parcells, who has announced his retirement. After four seasons, the Bill Parcells era here in Dallas is over. The Cowboys’ head coach for the last four years officially announced his resignation here Monday morning. “I am retiring from coaching football. I […]

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Is It Treasonous to Adopt a Team?

Just an open question to the Cowboys faithful: Is it an act of treason not only to root for another team but also to get emotionally behind them? If it is, my only saving grace is that due to some Patriots fans on the official Cowboys message board (e.g., here), I really wanted to see […]

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A Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft Index: Justin Blalock is the Early Leader

Here is a link to a list of the various mock draft sites. Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone also has a sticky thread focusing on mock drafts. Texas offensive guard Justin Blalock is the big winner thus far, with 16 of the 46 mock drafts guessing that he will be taken first. Another lineman, Levi Brown […]

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A Fine Kickholder Picture

I’ve been using the same boring avatar (below) all season, but thanks to The Botch by Tony Romo, I get to use a new one (see further below). Thanks also to my mother for sending this, which is rather ironic because she much preferred my role as a kickholder to other roles due to her […]

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The Great… Um… Tuna Debate. Again.

There is a good chance that I am going to create a Know Your Dallas Desperados feature to this blog, because apparently I am going to be reduced to talking about: (a) trivial historical facts about which nobody cares; (b) some obscure items that I keep finding when I browse through Commission Junction and LinkShare, […]

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Some Presents That Keep on Giving

You know how the winners of the conference championships and the winner of the Super Bowl have championship gear already made for them to wear at the end of the game? And you know how sickening it must be for the opposing team to know that they too have gear already prepared that falsely indicates […]

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Now Here is a Great Video

Found another video that is really excellent, especially if you like watching clips of the old Dallas Cowboys. Tweet

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Videos, for Lack of Interest in Anything Else

Spent the day arguing over (a) whether Jimmy Johnson would have had better success than Bill Parcells if he had been given the same authority that Parcells has, and (2) who the best coach of all-time is. This is what Cowboys blogging on this venue has become these days… So I found some Cowboys videos […]

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MOP Award for 1965: Pete Gent

In 1964, the Dallas Cowboys signed a free agent named Pete Gent, a basketball player from Michigan State. This is what Peter Golenbeck wrote about Gent in Landry’s Boys: An Oral History of a Team and an Era: When Gent arrived at camp, Tom Landry had little use for him. However, the Cowboys offensive coordinator, […]

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Lessons from This Weekend?

Some of this is just conjecture on my part, but I think we might have learned something from each of the games this weekend: (1) Indianapolis 15, Baltimore 6: We learned that it was probably good that the Colts defense wasn’t playing this well when the Cowboys faced them. (2) New Orleans 27, Philadelphia 24: […]

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