Quote Trivia: Pete Gent

The late Pete Gent is well-known for his book, North Dallas Forty. He played for the Cowboys for five seasons between 1964 and 1968. Although he was never a full-time starter, he had a pretty good season in 1966. He started ten games that season and caught 27 passes for 474 yards and a touchdown. […]

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Animated Trivia: Super Bowl XIII

Here is an animated GIF showing a play from Super Bowl XIII. Trivia questions follows:   Easy questions: (1) Hollywood Henderson is the player who took Terry Bradshaw to the ground after the fumble. What did Henderson famously say about Bradshaw’s intelligence before the game? (2) Which player returned the fumble for a touchdown? Not-so-easy […]

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A Most Difficult Dallas Cowboys Trivia Question

Dallas Cowboys trivia question: to what does GNDLFBSTHCPDCSS refer?

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Aging Franchise Quarterbacks

The Dallas Cowboys have the fourth pick in the NFL draft, as everyone knows, and a number of fans want to see the Cowboys take a quarterback who will eventually replace Tony Romo. Jerry Jones’ take? Romo will last another four or five years. He will be 36 at the beginning of next season. Summarizing […]

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Animated Trivia: Roger Staubach to Tony Hill

Answer trivia questions about a touchdown pass from Roger Staubach and Tony Hill in a game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.

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Animated Trivia: A DeMarcus Ware Interception

Given the occasion that former Cowboy great DeMarcus Ware is playing in the Super Bowl and the Cowboys are still trying to figure out why they lost 12 games, it’s time for some animated trivia. First, the image:   Now, the trivia questions: (1) During which year did this game take place? (2) Did the […]

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Post-Dynasty Droughts

For the 20th consecutive year, Cowboys fans are forced to watch conference championship games┬áthat do not feature the Dallas Cowboys. Instead, Cowboys fans get to ponder news about Tony Romo having a plate inserted in his collarbone. This is not the longest drought that teams have faced after forming dynasties in the past. In fact, […]

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Turnover Margin Did Not Quite Make History

As we all know, the 2015 Dallas Cowboys will go down in history as one of the worst teams in franchise history. And, of course, the team might be best known for its lack of turnovers. The team forced only 11 turnovers in 16 games. In the history of the NFL, the team’s turnover differential […]

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At Least I Didn’t Start Romo in My Fantasy League

Tony Romo would have hurt you in a fantasy league on Thanksgiving as he finished with negative fantasy points.

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Touchdown Connections in Dallas Cowboys History

Tony Romo and Dez Bryant have connected on 50 touchdown passes, setting a club mark for a QB-receiver combo.

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