Puzzle Trivia: Cowboys vs. Giants

Trying some new things, including this one: first, go to the single post page (click here) so that the puzzle does not rescramble when you go to the comments to look at the answers. Second, solve the puzzle below. Third, skip to the bottom of this entry and answer the five trivia questions. provided by […]

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Today’s Research: When the Cowboys Gain Fewer Than 200 Total Yards

In 48 out of 730 regular season games over the past 49 seasons, the Cowboys have gained fewer than 200 total yards. These 48 games thus represent only 6.6% of the total regular season games played. With Sunday’s win over Tampa Bay, the Cowboys’ record in games where they gain fewer than 200 yards improved […]

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Obscure Fact: Cowboys Briefly Had the All-Time Best Winning Percentage

This is an unknown fact that I did not know until I stumbled upon it by accident: four weeks ago, the Cowboys were the all-time winningest franchise in NFL history in terms of winning percentage. Since going 1-3 in the past month, the Cowboys have slipped back to second in this category behind Chicago and […]

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Looking for Some Hope from the 1970 Season

Very much by default, I usually corner the market on posts that draw comparisons with Cowboys teams of old. The Dallas Morning News blog asked the following question yesterday, which I planned to answer in full: Is this the most embarrassing game in Cowboys history? It has to rank pretty high on the list. After […]

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A Little Bit of Heresy: Is T.O.’s Age a Factor?

Now that the Cowboys have signed a big-name second receiver in Roy Williams, some assume that this means Terrell Owens will start producing the kinds of numbers we’ve seen from him in the past two seasons. However, Owens is at the exact age when many of the greatest receivers of all time started seeing a […]

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Losing Badly and Winning Ugly During Super Bowl Seasons, Pt. 1

[singlepic=46,320,240,,center] This post is part one of a two-part series. The Cowboys have reached the Super Bowl eight times, and there are a few common elements present in most of those seasons: (a) strong starts; (b) some bad losses; (c) some ugly wins; and (d) strong finishes. As fans and the press bash the Cowboys […]

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When the Bengals Have Visited Dallas, We’ve Had Some Odd Heroes

The Cincinnati Bengals have visited Dallas five times in the past, with the Cowboys winning four of the games. In each of the four wins, the Cowboys have had some unexpected heroes lead the way. Below is a summary: 1973: Lee Roy Jordan’s Three Interceptions The Cowboys sparked a three-game winning streak in 1973 with […]

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Trivia: Week 4, Cowboys vs. Redskins

Here are ten trivia questions related to the Cowboys’ loss to the Redskins on Sunday: cowboys_vs._redskins Tweet

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When the Redskins Have Visited Dallas…

[ratings] [tags]Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins[/tags] The Cowboys historically have had success at home against the Redskins. The memorable games (even losses) jump out even to casual fans: * Clint Longley leading Dallas to a come-from-behind 24-23 come-from-behind win on Thanksgiving in 1974. * Roger Staubach leading Dallas to a 35-34 win in his last regular […]

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Trivia: Cowboys vs. Packers

[ratings] [tags]Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers[/tags] Here are ten trivia questions about the game between the Cowboys and Packers. dallas_vs._green_bay Tweet

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