Cowboys vs. Steelers: The Early Rivalry

When the Cowboys and Steelers of the 1970s became immortalized by the two Super Bowls, the teams were a few years removed from having played each other annually when both teams were members of the NFL. The two teams have faced each other a total of 29 times, and 16 of those games took place […]

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Should the Cowboys Be Envious of the Steelers’ Drafting Prowess? Sort Of.

Soon after last year’s draft, I got into a bit of a debate with a friend who is a Steeler fan over whether the Cowboys made a mistake by taking Felix Jones instead of Rashard Mendenhall, who was taken by the Steelers. This debate was the latest entry into a long-standing discussion that began with […]

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Cowboys’ Record After Thanksgiving

For many years, announcers would remind us that while the Cowboys were good on Thanksgiving Day, they were especially good in the games that followed Thanksgiving. From 1966 until 1984 (not including 1975 or 1977, when Dallas did not host the Thanksgiving Day game), the Cowboys went 16-1 in the games that followed Thanksgiving. After […]

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November vs. December for the Dallas Cowboys

It has been well-documented that the Cowboys of late have had difficulty during the months of December and January. In fact, during the 2000s, the Cowboys have had their worst December/January record of any decade in team history. An even more disturbing fact: Dallas has not had better than a .500 record during the months […]

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The Cowboys Have the Best Winning Percentage in NFL History (At Least for Now)

About a month ago, I wrote a post noting that the Cowboys at one time during the 2008 season had the best all-time winning percentage of any team in NFL history. That was just after the Cowboys had lost to the Rams and were about to face Tampa Bay. A month later, and the Cowboys […]

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Odd Facts About Dallas Quarterbacks and the Cowboy-49er Game

On the radio broadcast of last week’s game against San Francisco, Babe Laufenberg noted that Tony Romo had the same record as a starter in his first 33 starts as both Roger Staubach and Danny White. After the win on Sunday, Romo still has the same record in his first 34 starts as those two […]

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All About Terrell Owens

At one point in yesterday’s game, I noted in the chat room at The Blue and Silver that some team is going to put Terrell Owens in single coverage and shut him down, thus proving that he was over-the-hill. That was about two plays before Tony Romo hit Owens on a 75-yard touchdown after Owens […]

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The Cowboys’ First NFC Championship

There is, of course, lots of history associated with the Cowboys and 49ers. I have a few clips of the 1971 NFC Championship Game, but since we’ve featured a few posts on the 1970 team (here, here), I thought I’d show a couple of clips from the Cowboys’ first win in an NFC championship game. […]

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Instant Trivia: Cowboys vs. Redskins

Here are ten trivia questions about the Cowboys’ 14-10 win over Washington on Sunday night: Make your own Quiz! * * * * * * * * * * * * Steve Liskey at conducted a great interview with former Dallas linebacker Tom Stincic, who played in both Super Bowl V and Super Bowl […]

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“A Roman’s Appetite for Victory, but Never a Spartan’s Will to Suffer for It”

It’s November. Disappointed by two straight seasons in which the Cowboys lost their first game in the playoffs, Dallas entered the year with high hopes. Sure, beating the Eagles was satisfying, but the Cowboys were stung by losses to St. Louis and the New York Giants. The 5-4 Cowboys travel to Washington desperately needing a […]

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