A Slightly Closer Look at Cowboys’ Receiving Stats

I’ve been told– by students, no less– not to acknowledge that my courses get boring due to (a) me, (b) the subject matter, and (c) me teaching the subject matter. The same admonishment should also apply to this blog, even if I know all too well that there aren’t a lot of people interested in […]

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Instant Scratch-Off Trivia: Cowboys vs. Vikings

Tony Romo’s Statistics by Quarter Yesterday I questioned how much Tony Romo has had to do with the Cowboys’ slow starts. I can’t answer that, obviously, but Romo’s stats in the second and third quarters are heads and shoulders above his stats in the first quarters of those game. Eleven of his sixteen touchdowns have […]

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Instant Scratch-Off Trivia: Dallas vs. New England

I have been accused of being too negative from time-to-time (the “you’re not a real fan and I don’t care how long you’ve been watching the Cowboys” argument), but now I am going to shift gears to being considered a homer. Let’s make some assumptions: * The Patriots are a better team than the Cowboys. […]

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Instant Scratch-Off Trivia: Cowboys vs. Bills

Make a St. Patrick’s Day Note at WishAFriend.com I am currently watching the Dallas-Buffalo game for a second time. It still does not seem real. There are precious few games in team history that rank anywhere close to this one– I’ll try to come up with a list of some of these. Below are trivia […]

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Instant Trivia: Cowboys vs. Rams (Scratch-Off Edition)

Having ten questions after every game seems to be getting old, given the number of people participating every week. So this week I am changing things up. Below are three trivia questions, followed by the answers in the form of a scratch-off widget. Question #1: Tony Romo is on pace to throw for how many […]

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Instant Trivia: Cowboys vs. Bears

Here are ten questions about Sunday night’s win over the Chicago Bears: Make your own Quiz! Tweet

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History Lesson: The Cowboys’ First Visit to Soldier Field (1971)

I have selected an odd game for the history lesson this week, mostly because the message boards and some other blogs have focused on more recent games. Today’s feature was actually a loss, but it was noteworthy for several reasons. Here is the background: Date: November 1, 1971 Game: Dallas (4-2) at Chicago (4-2) Dallas […]

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Way Too Much Information Wednesday: Week 3

With the Cowboys scoring 45 and 37 points in consecutive weeks to open the season, it seemed a good idea to focus on where the 2007 team stands in history as far as points scored after two games. Team Record: Points Scored After the First Two Games Only two other times in team history have […]

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Instant Trivia: Cowboys vs. Dolphins

Here are ten questions about the Cowboys’ 37-20 win over Miami on Sunday: Make your own Quiz! And a few news items in brief: * According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Julius Jones is trying to stay patient. * Expectations for the Bears game are growing, according to DallasCowboys.com. * I’m not the only […]

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Way Too Much Information Wednesday: Week 2

For lack of a better description, each Wednesday I will feature something known as Way Too Much Information Wednesday. If you are bit odd and like stats like I do, you’ll probably like this. Otherwise, I hope you like the reincarnation of Gnome: Express Yourself with Gizmoz Video Clips ———— Witten’s 100-Yard Performance Five tight […]

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