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  • zachary

    read the cowboy\’s future opponents piece again today and am surprised with the records of the teams coming up.
    Before the season, i was excited about the apparent ease of schedule. and even though these records seem to indicate tough opponents, i take solace in the fact the the talent levels on the teams is still comparatively low to the cowboys\’.
    most of those teams are \”2-5\” teams if they werent beating up on each other, the rams, and the weakest of the nfc.
    (Except for NFC east games, which are always tough, and can always go either way)
    I am a cowboys fan since 1989, when i was 7. Tony Romo\’s play inspired me to rank the quarterbacks i have seen play and remember since 1989.
    Troy Aikman
    Tony Romo
    Jason Garrett
    Randall Cunningham
    Vinny testaverde
    Drew Bledsoe
    Bernie Kosar
    Steve Beuerlein
    Quincy carter
    Clint stoerner
    Anthony Wright
    Rodney Peete
    Chad hutchinson
    Drew Henson
    Wade Wilson
    Ryan Leaf
    I think Romo takes aikman\’s spot if there are 3-4 more years of this level of play.

  • molly sebastian

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    Families must consist of two parents and at least one child between 6 and 17. Families who appear on the show receive a $20,000 honorarium and if you refer a family who appears on our show, you will receive a $1000 finder’s fee PER family.

    If you are unfamiliar with the show, the premise of Wife Swap is to take two different families and have the moms switch place to experience how another family lives. This is meant to be a positive experience for people to not only learn but teach other ways of life. If you would like more information about the show, go to and you will find “Wife Swap” under the Primetime listings.

    If you are interested, please contact my work ASAP 646-747-7945 or please email your phone number to and I will call you directly. I would love to talk to you at your earliest convenience.

    Thank you,
    Molly Sebastian

  • Eric

    Romo cannot even be mentioned in the same sentence as Aikman until he as proven that he can handle the pressure of a huge game. Obviously, he would have to lead the team to a Super Bowl victory to even be mentioned in the same sentence. It doesn’t matter is Romo throws 36 TDs for the next five years, unless he wins a Super Bowl he will be just another Danny White. I loved Danny White but he broke my heart in three consecutive NFC championship games. Remember statistics are not the hallmark of a great quarterback (see Bradshaw, Starr). Those that do not make mistakes in the post season and lead their teams to Super Bowl victories are candidates for a greatness designation.

  • I’am confused with the cowboys talent this team today is as good as the 90’s team its all about shifting money around the NFC DALLAS should not be happy about new stadium PLAYING FOOTBALL IS MORE IMPORTANT

  • Randy THOMPSON


  • John McGrogan

    The Dallas Cowboys are the biggest joke in the NFL. Americas team bullshit. From the owner righ down to the collection of pre-Madonna super star’s, this juvenile bunch of soon to be has been have grabbed enough of the lime light. The loss in Pittsburgh defined how bad thing can get when you have a over bloated ego Owner and a bunch of simply minded children playing not together but for there own lime lighted careers. TO please shut your mouth, Romeo let spend time learning the game and a little les time in Hollywood. Jones I thought you would be dead by now and the NFL could move up a class on your departure. I guess we still need to see you sorry face on TV for hopefully only a few more years.
    I know Tom Laundry is smiling like me today. Enjoy the off season you deserved this one.

  • John McGrogan

    By the way Dallas Cowboys you need to practice to play the game. But with your difficult life stlye and demand of time because of all the commercials and what not who has time for practice.

  • John McGrogan

    The last time the cowboys were respected in this league Tom Landry was the coach.

  • butch scholen

    will sombody please tell me y romo is still @ the cowboys. i’m 49yrs old been watching the cowboys & been a fan since i can remember they been on tv. i guess paybacks are hell, jerry jones got got rid of the best coach they had TOM LANDRY was a chitty way they did it. They went got Aikman the first three years i was nervous but i hung in there, atleast troy figured it out, Romo not getting it. Maybe if Jerry Jones would of put more money into his team and went out to find a hell of a backup quarterback they would win the games they should of. My opinion, play romo till its gets down close to the play-offs then put the backup QB, he might have a better chance getting the team in the superbowl. like i say the heck with huge flat screen and the new stadium all that did was put more money into jerry jones pockets. i just wish once that i could sit in the sky box with jerry jones and point out whats wrong. The classiest coach ever to coach this game of football is in heaven(Tom Landry) and he has to be laughing cuz jones and romo aint getting it. romo stay out of hollywood and focus on the game and might make it (i doubt it) I have to say Tebo from florida is better(go get him at whatever it may cost or McCoy from Texas Longhorns but somebody) i cant stand going another year watching this team not doing anything. As for Ware may he have a speedy recovery

  • Butch, I feel your pain, but who would you suggest to replace him?

  • Mark Sherrod

    Tony gets 500+ yds AND a loss! He must be so proud. He is, and always will be, a loser!

  • Offthechain4u

    What a Joke the best franchise in the NFL is turning out to be and the blame is to be places on the hapless FRONT OFFICE. Starting with JERRY JONES. Stupid off season trades that get rid of all pro players. Never addressing the lack of defensive backs. Keeping Romo .

  • Michael Clancy

    I am a New York Giant Football fan and have so been for at least 55 years. Having a strong dislike for the Dallas Cowboys just goes with the territory. With that said, I have to take my hat off and give praise to the Cowboys and there organization for the terrific pre-game show they put on September 11th when they played my Giants. I also want to give praise to Jerry Jones for his recent statement regarding any player who does not stand with his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. Jerry, you are not my favorite owner but I am glad you stood up for what is right. “God Bless America”.