Marion Barber Highlights, Other News

The Cowboys site ran this audio clip featuring highlights of Marion Barber last season:


Mickey Spagnola ran a good piece the other day that answered some common questions. Here are a couple of notes of interest:

Who are the Cowboys going to draft?

They don’t know. Seriously. Come on, the Cowboys have the 22nd pick in the first round of this year’s NFL draft. That means 21 things must happen before they go on the clock. They employ scouts here, not Carnac The Magnificent. Now then, over the next month the Cowboys will hold their draft meetings, basically go over all the information they’ve collected position by position, player by player. They will then set their draft board, ranking the players, undoubtedly starting somewhere at the top with either JaMarcus Russell or Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson, and then work their way down. That will give them a guideline. But after all the free-agency work they’ve done so far, they will not go into the first round saying, we need a wide receiver or we need an offensive tackle or we need a safety or we need a nose tackle. That’s not how it’s done, nor should it be done. They must go into the first round saying, we need a great player, then let the picks fall as they may until the draft progresses into their neighborhood while keeping an eye on their own player rankings. Otherwise, you can end up with Shante Carver or Quincy Carter.

* * *

Will the Cowboys move Anthony Henry to safety?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones suggested that possibility following the season, but basically amended that suggestion the first of this month, saying he didn’t think the team would go that route. Be honest with yourself, the Cowboys aside, which is easier to find, a safety or a cornerback? Me, I’d say safety. So you move Henry to safety and who’s starting at cornerback opposite Terence Newman? Nate Jones? Jacques Reeves? Now a bunch of you will say, well draft one in the first round. Easier said than done. Now if a versatile DB should fall into your lap at No. 22, and he’s by far the best player left on your board, then OK, take the guy, and consider the move. But it would be foolish to set anything in stone the end of March. Plus, you really have no idea how well Henry would play at safety. All you have to go on is what he did early in his college career. You might end up weakening one spot to get a push at another.


Here is more on the upcoming draft from Jean-Jacques Taylor:

There’s nothing sexy about taking the best player in the draft, but that’s exactly what the Cowboys should do.

It doesn’t really matter whether the best player is a defensive end, a linebacker, a receiver or a left tackle. Whoever is sitting atop the draft board, when it’s their time to select, is the player the Cowboys should choose.

Over much of the last decade, the Cowboys have been drafting to fill needs at defensive end, cornerback safety and even quarterback. They don’t have to do that, which is good because rarely do you get the best player available when you draft for need.

Jerry Jones has put the Cowboys in position to take the best player by re-signing center Andre Gurode and right tackle Marc Colombo and adding guard Leonard Davis and safety Ken Hamlin. The Cowboys don’t really have a spot, where they must grab a player in the first round and plug him into the lineup.

Most mock draft have the Cowboys selecting Miami safety Brandon Meriweather or Florida safety Reggie Nelson because so much has been made of the Cowboys’ need for a safety. If one of those guys is available, Dallas should still select him.

Then, for once, the Cowboys wouldn’t have to rush a first-round pick into the lineup. They could give him the luxury of moving at his own pace, which might make him a better, more productive player when he finally did become a starter.

MOP Award for 1968: Craig Baynham

This ends the longest post drought since I opened the blog. And what do I have for you? Yes, filler…er… a MOP Award! This comes after spending 27 hours at work in two days–most of which was spent grading– so pardon the punch-drunk nature of this.

Craig BaynhamAnyway, the MOP Award winner for 1968 was ready-made for two reasons: he has an obscure nickname, and he has one of those funky looking football cards from the 1960s. You can see the picture, now here’s the blurb on his the nickname for running back Craig Baynham, courtesy of Tim’s Cowboy’s History Page:

Baynham’s biggest moment came in the 1967 conference playoff game against the Browns when he filled in for the injured Walt Garrison. He scored 3 touchdowns in the 52-14 win. In 1968 he subbed for Garrison gaining 438 yards on the ground and grabbed 29 passes for 380 yards. He led the team in kickoff returns in 68 with 590 yards. He didn’t get much playing time behind a healthy Hill and Garrison in 69 and was traded to Chicago in 1970 and finished his career with St. Louis the next year. Nicknamed “John One Dozen” because he always signed footballs “Craig Baynham – John 1:12″, he became a pastor in later years.

mop.bmpBaynham caught a touchdown pass in the last Playoff Bowl game ever played between the Cowboys and Vikings. In the three seasons following his performance in 1968, though, Baynham amassed a grand total of 109 yards, including a loss of two yards on three carries in 1969.

ESPN Mock Draft: Darrelle Revis to Dallas?

Although I still think that Dallas should look to the offensive side of the ball rather than the secondary, ESPN’s mock draft suggested that the Cowboys take Pitt’s Darrelle Revis. He certainly has flash and appears to be the real deal from what I’ve read and seen. Here is more from ESPN: Revis played in […]

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Off-Season Program Begins Monday

Not that there will be much fodder for blogging, but the Cowboys’ off-season program officially begins tomorrow. The Dallas Morning News has a couple of pieces on this. First, Todd Archer notes that Wade Phillips will expect participation just as Bill Parcells did. When Wade Phillips was named the Cowboys’ head coach Feb. 8, he […]

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Historic Draft: 1967

Grade: C- This draft was as bad as the 1961 draft, which produced Bob Lilly but only produced Bob Lilly. A draft that produces a member of the Hall of Fame certainly couldn’t earn a D, but it can’t be much better than that when it produces nothing else. In 1967, the NFL and AFL […]

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Video: Defensive Highlights

Amidst all of the exciting news these days– [ANOTHER MOCK DRAFT! AND DALLAS IS STILL LOOKING FOR A FREE SAFETY (Ken Hamlin of the Seahawks)… AND PERHAPS AN ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TO THE HEAD TRAINER…YES, I JUST MADE THAT UP AND IT WASN’T FUNNY]… here is another highlight clip by Steven Otero that focuses on the […]

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2006 Highlights: Offense

Here is a great series of highlights from last season, focusing on the offense. It was compiled by a poster on the Blue and Silver named Steven Otero. Cowboys 06 Offense – OTERO1Uploaded by otero1 Tweet

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Rest in Peace, Crazy Ray

I was unable to attend a Cowboys game at Texas Stadium until the 1994 season, when the Cowboys routed the Redskins 31-7. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime days, having the opportunity to walk inside, to see the hole in the roof, to see the Ring of Honor. I stayed in the stadium for about […]

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Dallas Secondary: One Big Wad of Cash

Tom Orsborn ran a piece yesterday about how the Cowboys could be held hostage at the free safety position. The most interesting part of this was Jerry Jones’ take on it: At various times during the Bill Parcells era, the old coach complained the team was being “held hostage” by the center and cornerback positions. […]

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Video: New Stadium

This clip has been out for a while, but I have never posted it. It is a graphical representation of what the new Cowboys stadium will look like. Tweet

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