After Trade, 26th Pick: Anthony Spencer (With Video)

Anthony SpencerThe stockpiling of outside linebackers continues! Dallas traded a second-round pick that it received from Cleveland, along with a 3rd and a 5th, to Philadelphia in order to move back into the first round. And with that pick, Dallas selected Purdue linebacker/defensive end Anthony Spencer. Not sure I’m really happy about this, but some are saying this was a value pick.

From the ESPN chat:

This is a very astute pick by the Cowboys. Spencer is the last guy for awhile with this type of value. He is the perfect OLB in a 3-4 defense. He is a tweener guy that can rush the QB. Wade Phillips wants more attacking and more pressure out of his front 7 than the old Cowboys did. In Spencer, they get a perfect fit. He really came on as a senior and his stock has been rising. This was a case where Dallas looked at what was left and knew if they didn’t make a move, they wouldn’t get anyone of his caliber. Smart pick. He’ll line up opposite DeMarcus Ware. That’s not too shabby.

From Yahoo:

Hybrid pass rusher that can play left defensive end in a 4-3 or outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. He showed his athleticism at the combine by running in the 4.6 range. Spencer came on strong his senior campaign and played especially well against the top linemen he faced. He is an up-the-field pass rusher who should follow in the footsteps of former Boilermakers standout Shaun Phillips.

Here are some video highlights of Spencer:

Dallas Receives Two High Picks for 22nd Position Overall

Dallas had a chance to take Brady Quinn with the 22nd pick, but instead traded with Cleveland to allow the Browns to pick up the Notre Dame quarterback. The Cowboys received Cleveland’s 2nd round pick (#4 in the 2nd, #36 overall) and the Browns’ first round pick next year.

Many of those defensive backs that we’ve been hearing in the past few months– Laron Landry, Darrelle Revis, Michael Griffin, Aaron Ross, Reggie Nelson– were taken before the Cowboys’ pick. In fact, Griffin, Ross, and Nelson were taken immediately before Dallas was ready to make its pick.

There are still a few names remaining– Dwayne Bowe (WR), Robert Meachem (WR), Ben Grubbs (G). In the end, though, DE Anthony Spencer would not surprise me if he is still there.

This Mock Draft Business…and Ignorance

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Best and Worst Draft Picks

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Historic Draft: 1968

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A Receiver? Could It Be?

For several weeks, Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager has had the Cowboys picking USC receiver Dwayne Jarrett with the 22nd pick. Although I am beginning to accept the thought of a defensive back, I still would like to see a change in direction with the drafting of an offensive skill player. Here is the blurb on […]

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Belated Notes on Cowboys Schedule, Bledsoe

Very strangely, my original version of this post vanished after I posted it last evening. At any rate, the Cowboys have what looks to be a pretty forgiving schedule, except that the late season games look as troublesome as those from last year. Here is a piece by Todd Archer analyzing the schedule: Sept. 9: […]

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New Name in the Mock Drafts: Chris Houston

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