Combine Results and Profiles: Offensive Linemen

As I noted yesterday, Texas guard/tackle Justin Blalock is the top selection in 22 percent of the mock drafts that I surveyed. Also appearing on some mock drafts were Penn State tackle Levi Brown, Auburn guard Ben Grubbs, and Arkansas tackle Tony Ugoh. Here are more complete profiles of these players, along with their combine results from Saturday:

Justin BlalockJustin Blalock, OG/OT, Texas


Vertical jump: 28 1/2″
40-yard dash: 5.10
Bench: 40 reps.

From Scott Wright’s NFL Draft Countdown:

Outstanding size and bulk…Good athleticism, quickness and balance…Very strong and powerful…Stout at the point and does not get pushed back…Will overwhelm defensive linemen at the point…Has a great initial punch…Moves well…Smart and a hard worker with top intangibles…Terrific run blocker and a road grader…Nasty and plays with a killer instinct…Is versatile…Durable and has a lot of experience.

Does not have great feet and his footwork needs refinement…Needs to play with more consistent leverage…Is not yet a great technician and still relies too heavily on his natural talent…A better run than pass blocker…His range is only average.

Was a four-year starter…Played right tackle for most of his career but saw some action at guard as a senior…Will probably move inside to guard at the next level but he could potentially play tackle as well…One of the better prospects to come along at his position in a while and he is the rare guard with first round potential.

Levi BrownLevi Brown, OT, Penn State


Vertical jump: n/a
40-yard dash: n/a
Bench: 31 reps

From Scott Wright’s NFL Draft Countdown:

Has excellent size with a huge frame and long arms…A superb athlete with good quickness for his size…Moves well and has nimble feet…Once he is able to lock on it’s over…Slides well and can handle speed off the edge…Strong and able to stun with his initial punch…Solid run blocker who gets a pretty good push…Has 4 years of starting experience versus top competition…Smart, hard working and a leader.

Lacks a mean streak and may not have that killer instinct…Is not overly powerful or aggressive…Is not a great technician…Somewhat inconsistent player who can be dominant at times and a bit lackadaisical at others…Needs to play with better leverage…It’s not a given that he’ll be able to stay at left tackle once in the pros.

Did not begin playing football until the ninth grade because he was too heavy for youth leagues…Started college as a defensive tackle and after redshirting moved to the offensive line in 2003…Could project to either left or right tackle at the next level…Quietly had arthroscopic surgery on his knee as a senior and missed some action…He has everything you look for physically and is certainly battle tested but you wonder if his demeanor may prevent him from reaching his full potential…The type who could either anchor an offensive line or end up really disappointing you.

Ben GrubbsBen Grubbs, OG, Auburn


Vertical jump: n/a
40-yard dash: n/a
Bench: 29 reps.

From Scott Wright’s NFL Draft Countdown:

An outstanding athlete for the position with excellent quickness…Moves very well on pulls and has good range…Gets to the second level and excels in space…Feet are extremely nimble and plays with good knee bend…Smart, a hard worker and quick learner…Adequate size and strength…Still improving & has a lot of upside.

Lacks a killer instinct and doesn’t always finish his blocks…Is not overpowering as a run blocker…Raw and still learning the position…Still working on mastering the nuances and technique of the position…Does not get a great push and he will get knocked backwards…Is not yet a finished product and will need to be developed.

He began his college career as a defensive tackle before moving to tight end and then eventually settling in at offensive guard in 2004…Really didn’t emerge as a top pro prospect until his senior year when he saw his stock soar…Might end up getting drafted a little earlier than his play would justify based on potential alone.

Tony UgohTony Ugoh, OT, Arkansas


Broad jump: 9’9″
Vertical jump: 32 1/2″
40-yard dash: 5.06
Bench: 32 reps.

From Scott Wright’s NFL Draft Countdown:

Has excellent size…Very athletic with good quickness and agility…Has decent feet and slides well…Mobile, can block in space and can get to the second level…Very strong and powerful…Tough to shake once he is locked on…Has a ton of starting experience against top of the line SEC competition…He still has a lot of potential.

Needs to be more aggressive, finish plays and show a killer instinct…Somewhat raw and needs to work on his technique…Might not be able to play left tackle in the pros…Has to show better footwork…A bit of an underachiever who doesn’t always play up to his physical tools…Is he devoted to and truly love the game?

Was also a top discus thrower for the Razorbacks track and field team…Helped to pave the way for Darren McFadden and one of the most potent rushing attacks in the nation as a senior…Could potentially move inside to guard…Prospect on the rise who has most of the measurables and is coming off a great senior campaign.

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Mock Draft Index Update: Blalock Still the Overall Choice

Justin BlalockLast month, I summarized the results of 46 of the mock drafts that had been compiled to that point. Texas guard/tackle Justin Blalock was the choice of about 35 percent of those drafts.

As we celebrate the NFL scouting combine this weekend, here is an update to that index. This is a review of 27 players who were the top choice of the Cowboys in 100 mock drafts that are listed at A summary of the performances of the prominent players will follow shortly.

Four positions are prominent: offensive line (G/T), safety, corner, and receiver.

Key: Name, Position, School (Number of mock drafts selecting this player).

1. Justin Blalock, OG/OT, Texas (22).
2. Reggie Nelson, S, Florida (10).
3. Brandon Merriweather, S, Miami (8)
Levi Brown, OT, Penn State (8)
5. Michael Griffin, FS, Texas (7)
6. Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU (6)
7. Daymeion Hughes, CB, California (4)
Darrelle Revis, CB, Pitt (4)
9. Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State (3)
Aaron Ross, CB, Texas (3)
Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina (3)
12. Ben Grubbs, G, Auburn (2)
Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska (2)
Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee (2)
Quintin Moses, DE, Georgia (2)
Tony Ugoh, OT, Arkansas (2)
Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC (2)
18. Patrick Willis, ILB, Ole Miss (1)
Leon Hall, CB, Michigan (1)
Victor Abiamiri, OLB, Notre Dame (1)
Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Ohio State (1)
Quinn Pitcock, DT, Ohio State (1)
Lawrence Timmons, OLB, Florida State (1)
Ted Ginn, Jr., WR, Ohio State (1)
Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville (1)
Joseph Staley, OT, Central Michigan (1)
Ahmad Brooks, LB, Virginia (1)

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