Career Passing Records

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Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman holds virtually every career passing record in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. It helps, of course, that he played not only during a pass-friendly era, but he also played in a system that took advantage of his amazing accuracy.

As you might expect, Roger Staubach takes second in several of these catagories, although some may be surprised how high Danny White appears on these lists.

These lists are limited to the top five in each category, with the exception of passer rating.

Career Passing Attempts

1. Troy Aikman, 4715
2. Roger Staubach, 2958
3. Danny White, 2950
4. Don Meredith, 2308
5. Craig Morton, 1306

Career Passing Completions

1. Troy Aikman, 2898
2. Danny White, 1761
3. Roger Staubach, 1685
4. Don Meredith, 1170
5. Craig Morton, 683

Career Completion Percentage (min. 500 career attempts)

1. Troy Aikman, 61.46%
2. Danny White, 59.69%
3. Drew Bledsoe, 58.38%
4. Roger Staubach, 56.96%
5. Steve Pelleur, 56.40%

Career Passing Yards

1. Troy Aikman, 32942
2. Roger Staubach, 22700
3. Danny White, 21959
4. Don Meredith, 17199
5. Craig Morton, 10267

Career Yards/Att. (min. 500 career attempts)

1. Craig Morton, 7.86
2. Eddie LeBaron, 7.70
3. Roger Staubach, 7.67
4. Don Meredith, 7.45
5. Danny White, 7.44

Career Touchdown Passes

1. Troy Aikman, 165
2. Danny White, 155
3. Roger Staubach, 153
4. Don Meredith, 135
5. Craig Morton, 80

Career TD% (min. 500 career attempts)

1. Eddie LeBaron, 6.50%
2. Craig Morton, 6.13%
3. Don Meredith, 5.85%
4. Danny White, 5.25%
5. Roger Staubach, 5.17%

Most Interceptions in a Career

1. Troy Aikman, 141
2. Danny White, 132
3. Don Meredith, 111
4. Roger Staubach, 109
5. Craig Morton, 73

Lowest Int. % in a Career (min. 500 career attempts)

1. Troy Aikman, 2.99%
2. Roger Staubach, 3.68%
3. Drew Bledsoe, 3.75%
4. Quincy Carter, 3.99%
5. Steve Pelleur, 4.12%

Career Passer Rating (min. 500 career attempts)

1. Roger Staubach, 83.4
2. Danny White, 81.7
3. Troy Aikman, 81.6
4. Drew Bledsoe, 80.1
5. Craig Morton, 75.5
6. Don Meredith, 74.8
7. Steve Pelleur, 71.7
8. Quincy Carter, 70.0
9. Eddie LeBaron, 67.2
10. Gary Hogeboom, 65.4

More Classic Trivia

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Here are some great classic trivia questions posted on the Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone today. If you want a real challenge, try to get a question past the guys on that board!

1. Which player recovered the onside kick that set up the Cowbys’ game winning drive in the miracle 1972 playoff game at San Francisco?

2. In the same game against the 49ers, Ron Sellers caught the game-winning touchdown. Who caught the touchdown pass to cut the lead to 28-23, which led to the onside kick?

3. In the 1980 divisional playoff game against Atlanta, which Dallas won 30-27, Danny White hit Drew Pearson on two touchdowns to overcome a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter. Who scored the other two of the Dallas touchdowns?

4. In what playoff game did the Cowboys have to go against the Flex defense?

5. Which defensive lineman, the brother of another All-Pro player, started in place of Larry Cole at the beginning of the 1972 season?

6. Who said, “I killed many a quarterback, I felt like I scored when I took their head off”?

7. What long time sports writer resigned from the Hall of Fame Selection Committee in 2004 to protest the denial of Bob Hayes’ entry?

8. Prior to the 1973 season, the Cowboys lost four assistant coaches to other positions. They also lost four players to retirement. Name these coaches and players.

9. With which rookie did Tom Landry try to replace Bob Hayes before the 1973 season?

10. In 1974, the Cowboys missed the playoffs for the first time since 1965. Which team won the NFC East title that season?

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