Trivia: The Very Early Years

These questions should be a little bit more difficult than those that I posted on Wednesday. These focus on the very early years of the Cowboys, mostly before the team had been formed.

Dallas Texans1. In 1952, Texas textile mogul Giles Miller moved which NFL team to Dallas to become the original Dallas Texans?

2. Original Cowboys owner Clint Murchison nearly purchased which NFL team in 1958?

3. Where was Tex Schramm working when Murchison hired him to become the first general manager in the history of the Dallas Cowboys?

4. Tom Landry began his professional playing career with which team?

5. Name the positions that Landry played as a member of the New York Giants during the 1950s.

6. Prior to being formed, the Dallas franchise had begun as the Dallas Steers. What name was chosen before the team finally settled on the Cowboys?

7. Why were the Cowboys not allowed to participate in the NFL’s 1960 college draft?

8. [Edited] What player taken by the Cowboys in the 1960s expansion draft had been drafted number 10 by the Chicago Cardinals in 1957, in the same draft that featured the likes of Paul Horning, John Brodie, Len Dawson, Jim Brown, and Jim Parker?

Frank Clarke9. Where had receiver Frank Clarke played prior to joining the Cowboys after being selected in the 1960 expansion draft?

10. In addition to drafting quarterback Don Meredith, the Cowboys brought in which quarterback from the Giants, expecting the latter to lead the team until Meredith was ready?

Trivia: Name That Year, 1960s Edition

dallas_logo.gifLittle did either of you who care for this blog know that I originally intended for it to be a bastion of trivia questions about the Dallas Cowboys (hence the name of the site). So due to a lack of daily interest on my part about who the Cowboys might draft as of rightthismoment, what the status of Terrell Owens’ hand is, or who the Most Obscure Player in 1969 was (it’s coming, I promise), let’s try some trivia…

Today’s entry is called Name That Year, 1960s Edition. I would suspect that Melonball, Redmustang, and OCF will have no problem with this.

1. Which year was Bob Lilly’s rookie season?

2. The Cowboys won their first Division title in what year?

3. Roger Staubach was drafted by the Cowboys in what year?

4. In what year did Dallas first record two wins over the same team?

5. Roger Staubach started his first game during which season?

6. During which season did Dallas first defeat the Washington Redskins?

7. The Cowboys recorded their first three-game winning streak in which year?

8. The Cowboys played in their first Playoff Bowl after which season?

9. During the draft in what year did the Cowboys select running back Calvin Hill of Yale?

10. In which year’s draft did the Cowboys select future NBA coach Pat Riley of Kentucky?

There is a similar poll at FunTrivia. Enjoy!

Marion Barber Highlights, Other News

The Cowboys site ran this audio clip featuring highlights of Marion Barber last season: ———— Mickey Spagnola ran a good piece the other day that answered some common questions. Here are a couple of notes of interest: Who are the Cowboys going to draft? They don’t know. Seriously. Come on, the Cowboys have the 22nd […]

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MOP Award for 1968: Craig Baynham

This ends the longest post drought since I opened the blog. And what do I have for you? Yes, filler…er… a MOP Award! This comes after spending 27 hours at work in two days–most of which was spent grading– so pardon the punch-drunk nature of this. Anyway, the MOP Award winner for 1968 was ready-made […]

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ESPN Mock Draft: Darrelle Revis to Dallas?

Although I still think that Dallas should look to the offensive side of the ball rather than the secondary, ESPN’s mock draft suggested that the Cowboys take Pitt’s Darrelle Revis. He certainly has flash and appears to be the real deal from what I’ve read and seen. Here is more from ESPN: Revis played in […]

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Off-Season Program Begins Monday

Not that there will be much fodder for blogging, but the Cowboys’ off-season program officially begins tomorrow. The Dallas Morning News has a couple of pieces on this. First, Todd Archer notes that Wade Phillips will expect participation just as Bill Parcells did. When Wade Phillips was named the Cowboys’ head coach Feb. 8, he […]

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Historic Draft: 1967

Grade: C- This draft was as bad as the 1961 draft, which produced Bob Lilly but only produced Bob Lilly. A draft that produces a member of the Hall of Fame certainly couldn’t earn a D, but it can’t be much better than that when it produces nothing else. In 1967, the NFL and AFL […]

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Video: Defensive Highlights

Amidst all of the exciting news these days– [ANOTHER MOCK DRAFT! AND DALLAS IS STILL LOOKING FOR A FREE SAFETY (Ken Hamlin of the Seahawks)… AND PERHAPS AN ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TO THE HEAD TRAINER…YES, I JUST MADE THAT UP AND IT WASN’T FUNNY]… here is another highlight clip by Steven Otero that focuses on the […]

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2006 Highlights: Offense

Here is a great series of highlights from last season, focusing on the offense. It was compiled by a poster on the Blue and Silver named Steven Otero. Cowboys 06 Offense – OTERO1Uploaded by otero1 Tweet

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Rest in Peace, Crazy Ray

I was unable to attend a Cowboys game at Texas Stadium until the 1994 season, when the Cowboys routed the Redskins 31-7. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime days, having the opportunity to walk inside, to see the hole in the roof, to see the Ring of Honor. I stayed in the stadium for about […]

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