Surprisingly High Level of Support for Singletary

Mike SingletaryI was going to lay off this subject, but I was a little bit surprised by the results of a poll on the Dallas Cowboys Fan Zone regarding who should be head coach. After 92 votes in what I would imagine is not a proper sampling, here are the results:

Mike Singletary: 51.1%
Norv Turner: 20.7%
Wade Phillips: 18.5%
Jason Garrett: 6.5%
Gary Gibbs: 3.3%
Todd Bowles: 0%
Tony Sparano: 0%

If for whatever reason there is suspense over this, I voted for Singletary. Has nothing to do with…er… only a little bit to do with my acknowledgement yesterday of who my employer is.

And speaking of Baylor, a blog that follows those Bears posted a great piece on the top 10 reasons why the Cowboys should hire Singletary. My favorite, and honestly not for political reasons:

10. Dallas Owes Waco. Karma. Having taken our Presidential Library from us, Dallas owes Waco this one favor: make a Baylor Alumni the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and we will consider the SMU matter water under the bridge. Dallas knew that Waco needed that library more than they did, but its greed was too much for it. However, one single employment offer will clear up all that bad blood faster than you can say “historic low approval ratings.”

One good thing about the library not coming to Waco: it saves Baylor from having to dig out all of those tires that tend to wash ashore from the Brazos River and onto the land where the library would have gone. I am in fact looking at some of those tires on said property right now…


From the Dallas Morning News:

Growing up near Houston, Mike Singletary was a Cowboys fan.

When the Cowboys lost, he was angry. When they won, he was the happiest guy in the house.

On Tuesday, Singletary made his bid to become head coach of the Cowboys when he interviewed with owner/general manager Jerry Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones at the team’s Valley Ranch complex.

“Watching the Cowboys when I was a kid, that’s one of the few things that I would fight over,” said Singletary, San Francisco’s assistant head coach. “If the Cowboys didn’t win, I was not a guy you wanted to talk to.”

Hey, if you substitued: (a) my name for Singletary’s, (b) St. Louis for Houston, (c) the fact that I am not actually interviewing for the Cowboys head coaching job, and (d) the fact that I could barely keep 170 pounds on me and that I couldn’t fight to save my life, then this story could be about me!


And from Mickey Spagnola:

Talk about perfect timing, owner Jerry Jones announcing late Monday afternoon San Francisco assistant head coach Mike Singletary will be interviewed Tuesday for the Dallas Cowboys’ vacant head coaching position.

Singletary’s name will be prominent all week long out here on Miami Beach with the Chicago Bears, the team he helped lead to the Super Bowl XX title, meeting the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at Dolphin Stadium. Certainly those days-gone-by stories will be told leading up to the Super Bowl XLI match-up.

So will the fact that for the first time in Super Bowl history there will be not only the first African-American head coach, but two in the NFL’s premier game. Chicago’s Lovie Smith and Indianapolis’ Tony Dungy are making ground-breaking appearances this week.

Because of that, there will be continued talk of the NFL’s “Rooney Rule”, mandating teams searching for head coaches interview minority candidates. And you will be hearing all about the Fritz Pollard Alliance, the affinity group working with minority coaches to help promote their candidacy for top jobs in the NFL.

Tony Romo Vids: The Good and the Botched

As a Baylor employee, I should be far more excited that Mike Singletary is interviewing with the Cowboys. But other than the speculation, I’ll wait for commentary until after I hear an announcement. Here is the story from the official site.

Oops. I just said I was a Baylor employee. Next thing you know, I’ll have you believing that I’m the chair-elect of its Faculty Senate!

So in the meantime: I saw the second video below today on YouTube and feel badly that I think it’s pretty funny. So I’m throwing in the first video just to say that I have indeed included real highlights.

Now for the parody:

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