Trivia: Quarterbacks of the 1960s

Don MeredithHere are some trivia questions focusing on Dallas quarterbacks of the 1960s

1. In which two sports did Don Meredith star in high school in Mount Vernon, Texas?

2. Which college did Eddie LaBaron attend before being drafted in the 10th round of the 1950 draft by the Washington Redskins?

3. What career had LaBaron planned to enter after retiring from the Redskins in 1959 (obviously before joining the Cowboys for the 1960 season)?

4. Which quarterback started the first win in franchise history, a 27-24 triumph over Pittsburgh in the opening week of the 1961 season?

5. True or False: Until Dallas had its first .500 season in 1965, neither Don Meredith nor Eddie LeBaron ever threw more touchdown passes than interceptions in a season.

6. How was Don Meredith injured during training camp in 1965, which hindered his performance for much of the season?

7. After a 24-17 loss to Cleveland in 1965, Dallas Morning News writer Gary Cartwright wrote the following. Fill in the last word:

Outlined against a grey November sky, the Four Horsemen rode again Sunday.

You know them: Pestilence, death, famine and __________.

8. In the 1966 NFL Championship Game, with the Cowboys trailing 34-20, who did Meredith hit for a 68-yard touchdown pass to pull within seven points?

9. True or False: Don Meredith’s last pass in the NFL was a pass that was intercepted by Cleveland’s Ben Davis in the second half of the Cowboys’ 31-20 loss to the Browns in the 1968 NFL playoffs.

10. True or False: Craig Morton threw for more yards in his first season as starter in 1969 than in any season that he played for the Cowboys.

A Receiver? Could It Be?

Dwayne JarrettFor several weeks, Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager has had the Cowboys picking USC receiver Dwayne Jarrett with the 22nd pick. Although I am beginning to accept the thought of a defensive back, I still would like to see a change in direction with the drafting of an offensive skill player.

Here is the blurb on Jarrett by Fox:

The USC career record holder for touchdowns and receptions laid eggs both at the combine and at USC’s Pro Day. During the latter, Trojan linebacker Dallas Sartz ran a faster 40, as Jarrett clocked in with embarrassing 4.67 and 4.62 40 scores and was less than impressive quickness drills. I’m not quitting on the Jersey boy yet, though. After filling their holes at safety and offensive line (Ken Hamlin and Leonard Davis), the Cowboys have no real “pressing” immediate needs. If there’s any position they’ll look to upgrade it, it’s at receiver, where Terrell Owens is 33 and Terry Glenn is 34. Dallas has the luxury to take a bit of a risk in this spot. Just a bit weird to consider a guy who scored 41 touchdowns caught 216 balls in three years at college — a “risk.”

Rick Gosselin also predicts a receiver, but he is going with LSU’s Dwayne Bowe.

With two starting wide receivers in their 30s, the Cowboys need a young player to build a future downfield passing game for Tony Romo. Bowe is a physical receiver in the Michael Irvin mold.

Belated Notes on Cowboys Schedule, Bledsoe

Very strangely, my original version of this post vanished after I posted it last evening. At any rate, the Cowboys have what looks to be a pretty forgiving schedule, except that the late season games look as troublesome as those from last year. Here is a piece by Todd Archer analyzing the schedule: Sept. 9: […]

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New Name in the Mock Drafts: Chris Houston

After noting twice (here and here) that Texas guard/tackle Justin Blalock was the mock draft frontrunner, I am now seeing less and less of him. Some have him going late in the first round, while others have him dropping to the second. I have also pointed out that a number of mock drafts are now […]

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Trivia: The Very Early Years

These questions should be a little bit more difficult than those that I posted on Wednesday. These focus on the very early years of the Cowboys, mostly before the team had been formed. 1. In 1952, Texas textile mogul Giles Miller moved which NFL team to Dallas to become the original Dallas Texans? 2. Original […]

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Trivia: Name That Year, 1960s Edition

Little did either of you who care for this blog know that I originally intended for it to be a bastion of trivia questions about the Dallas Cowboys (hence the name of the site). So due to a lack of daily interest on my part about who the Cowboys might draft as of rightthismoment, what […]

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Marion Barber Highlights, Other News

The Cowboys site ran this audio clip featuring highlights of Marion Barber last season: ———— Mickey Spagnola ran a good piece the other day that answered some common questions. Here are a couple of notes of interest: Who are the Cowboys going to draft? They don’t know. Seriously. Come on, the Cowboys have the 22nd […]

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MOP Award for 1968: Craig Baynham

This ends the longest post drought since I opened the blog. And what do I have for you? Yes, filler…er… a MOP Award! This comes after spending 27 hours at work in two days–most of which was spent grading– so pardon the punch-drunk nature of this. Anyway, the MOP Award winner for 1968 was ready-made […]

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ESPN Mock Draft: Darrelle Revis to Dallas?

Although I still think that Dallas should look to the offensive side of the ball rather than the secondary, ESPN’s mock draft suggested that the Cowboys take Pitt’s Darrelle Revis. He certainly has flash and appears to be the real deal from what I’ve read and seen. Here is more from ESPN: Revis played in […]

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Off-Season Program Begins Monday

Not that there will be much fodder for blogging, but the Cowboys’ off-season program officially begins tomorrow. The Dallas Morning News has a couple of pieces on this. First, Todd Archer notes that Wade Phillips will expect participation just as Bill Parcells did. When Wade Phillips was named the Cowboys’ head coach Feb. 8, he […]

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