Owens Shows Up Not Only in Headlines, but also at the Mini-Camp!

Terrell Owens continues to find himself in the headlines, though he really hasn’t done much to find himself there.



First, there was a post on the AOL blog indicating that Owens could be a great teammate when he wants to be. Please visit that site if you are dying to know why.


Second, Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News says that Owens is more likely to clash with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett than he is with Wade Phillips.

Most recently, though, Owens really made news by showing up at the mini-camp.


Putting this all together, my guess is that Owens showed up to the mini-camp not only to prove that he could be a great teammate at times, but also so that he could begin feuding with Jason Garrett even before training camp begins. Logical.

Terrell Owens once again caught some of his Dallas Cowboys teammates and coaches off guard.

But instead of stirring controversy off the field, Owens surprised them by participating in the team’s first minicamp.

The wide receiver has been recovering from two offseason surgeries on his right ring finger. New Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips said earlier in the week that Owens would not practice in the team’s first gathering since he replaced Bill Parcells in February.

“I’m surprised but I can understand why he wanted to come out here,” Dallas owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. “He got caught up in the enthusiasm of being with the team, the excitement we’ve got about our team. I’m sure he just wanted to go ahead and catch some passes.”

In drills against Dallas’ first-team defense, Owens beat cornerback Terence Newman and hauled in a nicely thrown deep ball from Tony Romo.

Owens was laughing as he ran through the end zone after the play.

But he wasn’t in the mood Saturday to talk with reporters. During the team’s media availability with players, Owens walked out of the locker room, saying only, “I have nothing to talk about.”

This was a far cry from last season, when he talked about everything from not knowing the play book to his role in the offense.

Owens’ tumultuous first season with the Cowboys also included an accidental drug overdose and more than a dozen dropped passes as he battled the finger injury.

“I don’t know that he’s any more or less motivated,” Romo said. “Anytime you feel like you’re going to be a big part of the offense it’s going to motivate anybody.”

Owens is due a $3 million roster bonus on June 1, and Jones has repeatedly said that Owens will be back in a Cowboys uniform this coming season after catching 85 passes for 1,180 yards in 2006.

Saturday’s practice was further indication that Owens will be on the roster when the season kicks off.

“We weren’t sure how far along he was going to be,” Phillips said. “We were hoping at one time that he might be ready this camp. We thought it might have been the next camp or even training camp. But he is almost ready as far as catching the football.”

Phillips said that Owens had been working out and catching footballs at home in Miami.

Romo added he wasn’t astonished that Owens was back on the practice field so soon.

“He never surprises me,” Romo said. “He’s a hard worker and he’s been doing the things to get himself ready to go this year. I’m pretty excited about it. He looked pretty good.”

MOP Award for 1969: Dennis Homan

mop.bmpI received an email last evening from a former reader who indicated that my blog (or recent post, perhaps) is “sTUPID!” Well, at the heart of this blog’s stupidity is my feature known as the Most Obscure Player Award… so now is as good a time as any for our final installment of the 1960s.

I already noted that Dennis Homan was the top pick of the Cowboys in the 1968 draft. In his three seasons with Dallas, the 1969 season was his best, catching 12 passes for 240 yards, but no touchdowns. He lasted one more year with the Cowboys before playing two seasons with Kansas City.

Homan joined the Birmingham franchise of the World Football League, where he became a star! There is, in fact, an entire page (with pictures) focusing on his accomplishments with the WFL. I also learned from that page that Homan was a kick holder in his final season with Birmingham, which makes his selection all the more appropriate.

Dennis Homan

Here is the text:

Dennis Homan, wide receiver from the University of Alabama, was an integral part of the Birmingham offense. He was a star for the Crimson Tide from 1965 to 1967, earning All-American honors in 1967. He played in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs before joining Birmingham.

Homan was Birmingham’s leading receiver both seasons, catching 61 passes for the Americans in 1974 for 930 yards and scoring 8 TDs and 2 action points. In the 1975 abbreviated season he grabbed 18 passes for 277 yards in the Vulcans’ run dominated offense.

Homan is still tied for ninth place in career receptions with Alabama. In fact, for $9.95 you can buy an autographed picture of Homan in college, catching a pass against (I think?) Texas A&M.

An Epilogue to the Insanity Piece

Yesterday, we discussed my lack of enthusiam with the Cowboys’ string of outside linebackers and defensive ends. I am also going to withhold judgment about all of the dealing until I see what type of pick we get from the trade with Cleveland. Well, a person named Andrew Perloff from SI.com posted a 2008 Mock […]

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That’s the Whole Point of This Draft: Insanity

Tim Cowlishaw had a piece yesterday that focused on insanity. His point, especially as it relates to the Cowboys: I was recently reminded that it was Albert Einstein who said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Actually, I thought it was a phrase I […]

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Video: Defensive Highlights from 2006

I found this video clip showing highlights of the Cowboys’ defense in 2006. It was made by the guys at Cowboys Vids. Excellent stuff. Tweet

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Video: Tour of the Cowboys Training Facility

Here’s a video clip showing a tour of the Dallas Cowboys training facility, featuring a cheerleader named Brooke Sorenson. Tweet

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Historic Draft: 1969

Grade: D This is grade deflation at its finest. But since I gave the 1967 draft— the one that produced a Hall-of-Famer in Rayfield Wright– a C-, I have to adjust the 1969 draft a step downward. The highlight of the 1969 draft was the selection of Calvin Hill from Yale. The Cowboys had just […]

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Dear Tony: Women Weaken Legs!

Thanks to the Blue and Silver, I saw pictures of Tony Romo with Carrie Underwood. Here is one of them: So somewhere after “Damn, she’s fine,” we as Cowboys fans also have to remember Mickey’s instruction to Rocky: “Women weaken legs!” And Adrian most certainly looked nothing like Carrie Underwood. This spells trouble. Tweet

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Ah Ha! So THAT Is Who We Drafted at Receiver!

It is not very surprising, but Dallas plans to use fourth-round pick Isaiah Stanback as a receiver rather than a quarterback. The Blue and Silver has a thread about him, and the general sentiment there is that Dallas still should have tried to jump up and take Meachum or Jarrett. This is from the Fort […]

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7th Round, Last Pick: CB Alan Ball

Dallas certainly went for pairs this year. Anthony Spencer to pair up with DeMarcus Ware. A pair of offensive tackles. A kicker to pair up with Martin Gramatica. And in the seventh round: a pair of corners, now that the Cowboys have taken Illinois corner Alan Ball. [And for the totally off-topic– Here’s a trivia […]

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