ESPN Mock Draft: Darrelle Revis to Dallas?

Although I still think that Dallas should look to the offensive side of the ball rather than the secondary, ESPN’s mock draft suggested that the Cowboys take Pitt’s Darrelle Revis. He certainly has flash and appears to be the real deal from what I’ve read and seen. Here is more from ESPN:

Revis played in all 12 games with 11 starts as a true freshman in 2004 recording 49 total tackles, 0.5 tackle for loss, two interceptions, 12 pass-breakups, and one forced fumble to earn freshman All-American accolades. In 2005, he became a first team All-Big East performer after starting all 11 games and posting 41 total tackles, one tackle for loss, four interceptions, nine pass-breakups, two fumble recoveries, and one blocked kick. Revis once again started all 12 contests in 2006 and registered 39 total tackles including four for loss, two interceptions (both returned for touchdowns), and four pass-breakups garnering his second straight All-Big East first team selection. Over the course of the past three seasons, Revis has also returned 54 punts for 555 yards (10.3 average) and two touchdowns (79 and 73 yards).

This is very premature to show, but here are two video clips of Revis that now appear on YouTube:

Punt Return Against West Virginia:

Interception Return Against Cincinnati:

Off-Season Program Begins Monday

Not that there will be much fodder for blogging, but the Cowboys’ off-season program officially begins tomorrow. The Dallas Morning News has a couple of pieces on this.

First, Todd Archer notes that Wade Phillips will expect participation just as Bill Parcells did.

When Wade Phillips was named the Cowboys’ head coach Feb. 8, he did not have a team meeting the next day.

“That’s the strange thing about being a head coach in pro football: You don’t get to walk in and say hello to the team,” Phillips said. “You’re the head coach and there’s nobody here, for a few weeks, anyway.”

However, the pace has picked up at Valley Ranch as players have begun their off-season workouts. The official off-season program begins Monday, and Phillips wants to see the same participation level achieved by his predecessor, Bill Parcells.

“It’s voluntary, but it’s keeping up with everybody else, too,” Phillips said. “Now is when you get to be with your teammates, see them work, and you realize they’re working as hard as you are. That makes for a better team. You trust guys and you’re loyal to a guy you work with.”

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones became a big fan of the off-season program under Parcells, and Phillips has sent a letter to every player detailing the off-season workouts.

Jean-Jacques Taylor wrote that it will be interesting to see what sort of shape we will see from the players returning.

Whether you believe Bill Parcells’ tenure with the Cowboys was a success or not, there’s no doubt that he ran one of the best off-season programs in the NFL.

With Parcells, you never worried about guys showing up in training camp fat and out of shape – by professional athlete standards – because they were afraid to do so. The Cowboys begin their off-season program Monday, so it will be interesting to see whether the players attack it with the same vigor as they have in years past.

The initial thought is that little will change because Parcells believed in signing a certain type of player who was diligent in the weight room, and it’s unlikely that player’s approach will change. That said, Parcells spent so much time hanging around the weight room that players knew it was important to him, and that strength and conditioning coach Joe Juraszek had his full support.

There will be some players who test Juraszek during the off-season, whether it’s missing a workout or performing with less than full intensity. At that moment, Juraszek will need coach Wade Phillips’ full support to drop the hammer on the player.

If he gets it, nothing will have changed. If he doesn’t, it won’t be long before the fat boys are back.

Historic Draft: 1967

Grade: C- This draft was as bad as the 1961 draft, which produced Bob Lilly but only produced Bob Lilly. A draft that produces a member of the Hall of Fame certainly couldn’t earn a D, but it can’t be much better than that when it produces nothing else. In 1967, the NFL and AFL […]

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Video: Defensive Highlights

Amidst all of the exciting news these days– [ANOTHER MOCK DRAFT! AND DALLAS IS STILL LOOKING FOR A FREE SAFETY (Ken Hamlin of the Seahawks)… AND PERHAPS AN ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT TO THE HEAD TRAINER…YES, I JUST MADE THAT UP AND IT WASN’T FUNNY]… here is another highlight clip by Steven Otero that focuses on the […]

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2006 Highlights: Offense

Here is a great series of highlights from last season, focusing on the offense. It was compiled by a poster on the Blue and Silver named Steven Otero. Cowboys 06 Offense – OTERO1Uploaded by otero1 Tweet

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Rest in Peace, Crazy Ray

I was unable to attend a Cowboys game at Texas Stadium until the 1994 season, when the Cowboys routed the Redskins 31-7. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime days, having the opportunity to walk inside, to see the hole in the roof, to see the Ring of Honor. I stayed in the stadium for about […]

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Dallas Secondary: One Big Wad of Cash

Tom Orsborn ran a piece yesterday about how the Cowboys could be held hostage at the free safety position. The most interesting part of this was Jerry Jones’ take on it: At various times during the Bill Parcells era, the old coach complained the team was being “held hostage” by the center and cornerback positions. […]

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Video: New Stadium

This clip has been out for a while, but I have never posted it. It is a graphical representation of what the new Cowboys stadium will look like. Tweet

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Dear Jerry: We Needn’t Copy Buffalo Move for Move

We have heard for three years how Julius Jones should be the next in line in the great Dallas backs. Aside from the occasional flash, though, it doesn’t look as if that will happen. As you may have read, Dallas will reportedly consider trading Jones for the right price. The Cowboys aren’t exactly shopping Julius […]

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MOP Award for 1967: Ron East

The choice for the MOP Award for 1967 was a tough one. Just too many well-known players and too few obscure ones that qualify. And I have to admit that the retrospective winner– defensive tackle/end Ron East– was simply obscure but not otherwise noteworthy. Congratulations retrospectively, nevertheless. [Update: See the comments– a poster named Born […]

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