Would “The Glare” Help as Head Coach?

Just read about yet another interviewee as head coach of the Cowboys.

Mike SingletaryThe Cowboys have confirmed that Mike Singletary, Hall of Fame linebacker and 49ers assistant head coach the past two years, will interview for the Cowboys’ vacant head coaching job Tuesday.

Singletary, of course, played at Baylor and was a member of the Chicago Bears’ ’85 Super Bowl team.

Seven coaches have interviewed in the last seven days for the Cowboys’ head coaching job, most recently outside candidates Wade Phillips, Gary Gibbs and Norv Turner.

NFL NetworkI am immediately reminded of the most recent NFL Network commercial for America’s Game, featuring a lispy quote by Mr. Singletary:

We knew in that huddle, that was a group destined to apply the kind of pressure that had not been seen before.

And to think that this guy would take over a defense destined to apply pressure that nobody could see because… well, there was no pressure. Interesting.


Interesting note about Bill Parcells in Sports Illustrated:

The 65-year-old Bill Parcells retired as the Cowboys’ coach, but we have to believe he’ll be back as a consultant – probably with the Jets next season – and if there’s a coaching opening he finds intriguing in 2008, he’ll be more than ready to take someone’s money.

I would say OAKLAND, but I don’t know if a 31-year-old head coach needs an old man telling him to run the base 3-4, and only to run the base 3-4.


Just discovered yesterday that Know Your Dallas Cowboys has a Google PageRank of 3! By God, that’s better than a PageRank of 0, which is what I thought it was!

According to some site called RustyBrick.com, though, my predicted PageRank was also 3, so I guess we’re not exactly going anywhere. But that said, I’m not sure why I care about my PageRank anywhere, except that it looks better than 0!

Should Aikman Get His Way?

Norv TurnerI seem to remember the talk in 1997 was that Troy Aikman openly campaigned for Norv Turner to be hired as head coach once Barry Switzer was fired. The Cowboys instead hired Chan Gailey, and Aikman was largely responsible for Gailey’s failure in Dallas (I don’t think I’ll get into a debate about that, but who knows?). As it turns out, Wikipedia provides support for what I remember!

Turner was the offensive coordinator with the Dallas Cowboys on Jimmy Johnson’s staff when Dallas won back to back Super Bowls in 1992 and 1993. Turner got much of the credit for not only their success, but for helping shape quarterback Troy Aikman into a Hall of Fame player. However, he was also labeled as a problem. After Barry Switzer’s firing following the successful 1997 campaign, QB Troy Aikman made many urgent demands that Turner be named head coach. When Chan Gailey was named coach, Aikman was famously unhappy, stating “They’re screwing this team up”.

This has been run into the ground, but Turner went 58-82-1 in nine seasons as a head coach, with one playoff appearance and three winning seasons (not counting the 7-6 record he had in 2000 when he was fired). I’ve read all sorts of excuses for why his teams performed the way they did and why it was really Daniel Snyder’s fault for his eventual failure. Excuses are, however, the last thing about which some of us want to read. I realize he has had recent success as a coordinator, but this team has holes to fill on both sides of the ball, and Turner hardly gives me confidence that he can do it.

Blogging the Boys has more on this, and it is worth reading.

Now Aikman is apparently arguing on Turner’s behalf again, as well as on Jason Garrett’s behalf. I can’t help but to recall that Aikman advocated for the drafting of tight end David LaFleur in 1997, which was the same year that Kansas City took Tony Gonzalez. In four seasons, LaFleur caught a total of 85 passes for 729 yards (and, yes, he had 12 touchdowns). Gonzalez? 721 receptions for 8710 yards and 61 TDs. While I think Aikman is turning out to be a pretty good commentator, I am not convinced that he has all of the answers for the current franchise.


Quickly: where were you when Dallas beat Buffalo in Super Bowl XXVIII in Atlanta? Next question: how long is fourteen seasons? Well, the Super Bowl following the 1993 season is the last time that Norv Turner was a coach with the Dallas Cowboys, and so at the start of the 2007 season, fourteen years will have elapsed. Maybe you can see where I’m going with this.

Anyway, just for fun, here are highlights of the last game during which Turner was a coordinator with Dallas:

Defining Parcells’ Ultimate Failure

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