We Might Have Discipline After All

Here is a quote from a pretty good piece today by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about Wade Phillips’ approach now that he has reached 60. It begins with a quote from his father, Bum.

“Every now and then, Wade gets hard-headed,” Bum said. “But that’s OK — he’s like me that way. Sooner or later, somebody backs you up against a wall, and you have to push off that wall and make something happen.”

This segues nicely into that nonsense you keep hearing that Wade is soft and that his players will be undisciplined. That’s a crock. His teams readily rank in the NFL’s top five in least number of turnovers.

“I think people get confused about discipline,” Wade said. “To me, it’s what your team does. I’m like my dad that way. I’d rather have a guy be self-disciplined than have to have me holler and scream at him to do something.

“Because when it comes down to it, he’s not really going to do it unless I’m standing there.”

The Phillipses are a logical bunch.


The Blue & Silver Forum

Thought I might also note that The Blue and Silver now has a MySpace page as well. Below is a great video for the forum:

The Blue and Silver.com

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Some Different Looks at the New Stadium

Due to the fact that I am grading a total of 96 papers over the next few weeks . . . and have to finish a book by the end of the month . . . and have two kids bored out of their minds because they are out of school . . . and any other excuse I haven’t considered yet . . .

. . . I am going to continue posting videos today.

There are several good clips of the new Cowboys stadium. The first shows the construction site in Arlington, which I flew over a couple of months ago. It was, and apparently is, still a big hole, but it’s starting to take shape.

The second is an animated fly-by rendition of the new stadium, put together and set to music by CowboysFootball.com

Lastly, here is a clip that has been up for several months. It is a student piece that focuses on the stadium’s impact on Arlington:

Having worked less than a mile from the Ballpark in Arlington for three years, I hope (now from a distance) that the city can handle the traffic issues. That was always more than a small headache, even for Rangers games.

All Sorts of Romo Videos

I didn’t really intend for this week’s posts to consist entirely of videos, but it is too easy to go in this route. In the past couple of days, there have been several Tony Romo highlight videos. Here are a couple of the better ones: ———— There are quite a few opinions about Romo, of […]

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Video: Roger Staubach Profile, Part 2

This is the second part of the Roger Staubach profile on “Greatest Sports Legends.” Props to manfromlaramie for posting these. Tweet

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Video: Roger Staubach Profile, Part 1

Below is part one of two of a show called “Greatest Sports Legends,” featuring Roger Staubach and host Michael Jordan. Props to manfromlaramie for posting these. Tweet

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Video: Roger Staubach and the Shotgun Formation

Here is a video showing the Cowboys’ introduction of the shotgun formation in 1975. Tweet

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Trivia: Super Bowl VI

If you have watched the clips about the 1971 Dallas Cowboys on America’s Game on the NFL Network, you will know several of these trivia questions about Super Bowl VI. Make your own Quiz! Tweet

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Wow! An 8X10 Autographed Picture of John Dutton!

I haven’t done a Wow! Look What I Found! in a while, but having just learned that I was dropped from Commission Junction for having a dormant account, I thought the timing was good once again to show the faithful fans here the best in obscure Cowboys memorabilia. Let’s say you have an extra $26 […]

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No Kick Holder Controversy?

Nearly all of my predictions for last year fell on their face, but I’m off to a good start for the coming season. I have anticipated that Brad Johnson would be named the kick holder for 2007, and I apparently got that right! From the DMN Blog: Almost forgot to mention that Wade Phillips named […]

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Fox Power Rankings: Dallas is #14

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager has posted his first power ranking, which still has Indianapolis listed first. Not surprisingly, seven of the top 10 teams on the list are in the AFC. The other three are New Orleans (#5), Seattle (#6), and Chicago (#8). Dallas comes in at #14, ranked behind Philadelphia (#11), San Francisco (#12), […]

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