Dallas Secondary: One Big Wad of Cash

CashTom Orsborn ran a piece yesterday about how the Cowboys could be held hostage at the free safety position. The most interesting part of this was Jerry Jones’ take on it:

At various times during the Bill Parcells era, the old coach complained the team was being “held hostage” by the center and cornerback positions.

It’s doubtful Parcells’ successor will use the same phrase, but don’t be surprised if Wade Phillips offers a few complaints about free safety should either Pat Watkins or Keith Davis man the spot next season.

Jerry Jones indicated this week he’s unlikely to sign a veteran free safety in free agency, so Phillips could have to make do with what he’s got.

“I’m comfortable at safety …” Jones said. “I’m comfortable with the players we have in-house.”

That should be a scary thought for Phillips and strong safety Roy Williams, whose wish to play closer to the line of scrimmage will be unfulfilled until the Cowboys employ a center-fielder type free safety.

Although there are plenty of free safeties available in this year’s draft, I still fail to see how spending so much on four starters in the secondary (remember how much we are spending on Williams and Anthony Henry, and also remember that Terence Newman is due a payday) is going to serve as this great fix.

So I’m starting to agree that Dallas should look at the receivers available, given that it is unlikely that Dallas goes after a lineman. Peter Schrager at FOX suggests Dwayne Jarrett:

This pick hasn’t changed on my mock. Sure, the Cowboys likely have more glaring needs at safety. But, Jerry Jones would be delighted to have a talent like Jarrett fall into his lap with the 22nd pick. Let’s face it — the Cowboys starting wideouts, as good as they are, aren’t getting any younger. Terrell Owens is 33. Terry Glenn is 34. Jarrett is slipping like a rock on most mock drafts. Other teams’ losses will be Dallas’ gain.

Video: New Stadium

This clip has been out for a while, but I have never posted it. It is a graphical representation of what the new Cowboys stadium will look like.

Dear Jerry: We Needn’t Copy Buffalo Move for Move

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MOP Award for 1967: Ron East

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Historic Draft: 1966

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Highlight Clip

Here is a great highlight clip showing the top nine plays of 2006. Pretty good selections. Dallas Cowboys top 9 plays of 2006Add to My Profile | More Videos Tweet

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Johnson Makes a Bit of a Splash

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Remember the Last Playoff Win?

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Desperados Dominate New York Dragons, 60-7

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